The Lamley Daily: Aoshima 1972 HC130 Nissan Laurel

#lamleydaily – July 14, 2017


Model: Aoshima 1972 HC130 Nissan Laurel

Line: Grachan Best

Where to get it: Aoshima Grachan on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: Everyone needs one of these in the collection.  I’m serious.  Just like everyone needs a hot rod in the collection, and a muscle car, and an 80’s era supercar, etc an etc.  That is a great aspect of collecting 1/64: you can create the widest variety of cars and styles and anyone.  So look to add a Grand Champion Japanese car to the mix.

It doesn’t have to be a Laurel, especially with Hot Wheels releasing its beauty next year.  Just do any Aoshima Grachan.  Aoshimas are not as detailed as other brands, but the essence of what they are doing most certainly is.

I have let a few of my Aoshimas go, but not all of them.  This Laurel stays.

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