1/64, Aoshima, Kaido House

Parcel of the day : M2, AutoWorld and Aoshima

Just a quick write to share with you my latest parcel from eBay France, containing US diecast. We have M2 Machines, Aoshima Gran Champion and AutoWorld

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1/64, Kyosho

Senna: The Champion Tribute

Here we are. The first day of Spring, also the memorable date of the birth of a Champion. Ayrton Senna would have turned 60 this year. Sadly life decided that another story took place in this day of May 1994. I decided to do this post this late morning, while reading as usual some articles […]

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Aoshima announces Grand Champion Collection 10. JDM and 1/64 fans rejoice.

These are always happy announcements.  Aoshima, known more for their incredibly detailed model kits, announced the 10th release of their incredibly cool 1/64 Grachan series. This is about as Japanese as it gets.  The Grachan (Grand Champions) models are essentially bosozoku cars, which were inspired by the popular Super Silhouette race cars of the 80’s. […]

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Aoshima, Lamley Daily

The Lamley Daily: Aoshima 1972 HC130 Nissan Laurel

#lamleydaily – July 14, 2017 Model: Aoshima 1972 HC130 Nissan Laurel Line: Grachan Best Where to get it: Aoshima Grachan on ebay Why it’s in the collection: Everyone needs one of these in the collection.  I’m serious.  Just like everyone needs a hot rod in the collection, and a muscle car, and an 80’s era […]

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