The Lamley Daily: 2010 Matchbox Audi R8

#lamleydaily – July 13, 2017


Model: Matchbox Audi R8

Line: 2010 Basic

Where to get it: Matchbox Audi R8 on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: The Matchbox R8 is truly one of my favorite castings, and this one is my favorite Matchbox R8.  After a few releases with either front and side tampos or front and back tampos, Matchbox surprised everyone with this fully detailed version.  And it really stands up against the white paint.  Add the dark wheels and you have an all-timer.

Those are all the technical details.  Frankly it is one badass car.  And it will never look better than this one.  (Although I would love to see Matchbox try and top it with some new releases.)

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  1. Certainly a gem in the crown for Matchbox – from the golden age. At that time, it used to be like 60 to 70% of cars that you see in the MBX pegs would be licensed and detailed with a few generics thrown which were also realistic. But now we rarely see the MBX pegs filled in. Whatever left in the store are off-road generics sticking to the pegs for months together waiting for some “kid” to get attracted to them.

    Sorry about the rant. Thanks for bringing up this model again…

  2. Truly one of the great models of relatively recent times. Trying to figure out what has changed on the Mattel network over the past 7 years that prevents a repeat of this quality is mind boggling. I’ve got to believe if this was profitable 7 years ago for a $1 than there has to be a market of this quality model for a slightly higher price point.

    Or even just give us collectors a “collectible series” with real cars, full details and simple packaging for $1.5-2 and I think they will outsell the mainline. Or at least generate more revenue. No tricks like boxes etc. Just cars.


  3. This is a truly fantastic model. I have a few R8s, but not this white one, and I agree it’s one of the best.

    And this is further proof that Mattel CAN get the tampos straight and aligned correctly when they really try…I wish all the models came out with tampo this good.

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