Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Hot Wheels International N Case

This truly is a loaded case.  The holdovers from a very strong M case, along with some new additions in N.  This was a fun case to open.

As always, thanks to A&J Toys for providing the case.

I’ve got a run of unboxings ready to go starting with this one.  I will say a first happened in one of these videos, so keep watching as they post.


4 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Hot Wheels International N Case”

  1. Awesome N case unboxing video congrats thumbs up. Those new N case mainline hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up.

    1. Are you a robot? Lol all your comments are basically the same. Anyway, I hope to win the lotto so I can experience the thrill and excitment of opening my very own HW case instead of having to hunt the pegs like a commoner. =)

  2. A pretty good case to be sure, but I’d stop short of calling it loaded. Most looking forward personally to the GT-R, McLaren and Ford GT recolor. Disappointed to see only one F1…maybe there’ll be two in the next batch?

  3. Loaded? Have seen better cases,not into the foreign car scene bluh.. Only if it was a Super T. I’d tun around and sell it. ;-).

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