Finding the 2017 Hot Wheels Halloween Exclusives in July was a little surprising. But holy cow they are cool.

When my friend Omar texted me to tell me he came across the new Hot Wheels Halloween cars, I figured he was just mistakenly looking at last year’s models.  But I was in the area so it merited a look.  Omar was right.  A local Walmart had stocked the new spooky offerings….in July.

Clearly this is too early, and seeing that they didn’t ring up at the register correctly confirmed that.  I asked a contact at Hot Wheels and found out they are not even supposed to be at Walmart.  I have no idea why they showed up at this specific Walmart, but they did.  Mattel can figure out that mystery.  All I know is I have them (minus the Zotic, which I forgot to pick up), and having them means I can do a preview:

Cool right?  RIGHT!?!  These wheels are crazy clever, and make this a very worthy set to have:

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  1. Always glad to see the Plymouth wagon casting- even with the Mummy Motors paint scheme. I still hope for a more stock version of the car in Plum Crazy or Sassy Grass Green and real riders.

    1. The Retro Entertainment version (for the Brady Bunch, I believe) is a super cool Satellite…clean deco, doesn’t refer to the TV show anywhere. It’s one of my favorites.

  2. I feel bad for whoever allowed the Halloween shipment to roll this early. Heads will roll for this.

    That said, I will definitely look for the Plymouth, the Ford pickup and the Gatspeed.

  3. I’m guessing these were meant for a grocery store chain as has been the normal for the last few years. Krogers, correct?!

    Either way, with those newly casted wheels…..GAWD DANG!!! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!! It’s an interesting wheel for sure with almost a Punisher style skull cast and highlighted with either chrome or black/white for contrast. The pickup is the only one I’d one and that would be for wheel swaps to some Basic WWs. But this line I’d pick up as many as possible, they’d be worth the drilling and cannibalizing for the wheels alone.

  4. I NEED that truck. It is exactly what I think of when I think “Halloween” Black and orange with those white skulls? That is a must have for me. I hope that it’ll be available somewhere close to me, so I don’t have to go through eBay.

  5. My appetite is now become monstrous for these fine showpieces!! RRRRRRRGGGRRRRRRAAAAARRRRR
    Yes, monsters keep their vehicles in GRRRRAAAARRRRGGGGE!

  6. Awesome Halloween car’s you found, you open up, and you reviewed congrats thumbs up. This is way too early to be getting in the Halloween car’s already. I will be on the hunt for these when they do come out thumbs up.

  7. Huh…July is indeed way too early. I’ll be happy if I can find the pickup and the Satellite, don’t care for the rest. Are these wheels brand new? Kinda wish they’d have funneled the funds into a more widely usable design, but they work well for this.

  8. Check out the Great Gatspeed… it just looks so sinister in that dark and how it works with the chrome pipes. The ’52 Chevy p/u is cool with the Halloween theme classic orange and black, but the Jack-o-lantern tampo on the doors is awesome.
    I like the Plymouth, but it looks like Halloween and the Brady Bunch.

  9. I’ll bet the kids are gonna LOVE those wheels! Not something I’ll be looking to buy, but it is quite an unexpected and inventive feature!

    (Now gimme some Hayashi Streets! haha)

  10. I found an incomplete set of Halloween hot wheels at Walgreens. Love the skull wheels. Also found an incomplete set of minions hot wheels at Smith’s ( Kroger’s)

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