The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia

#lamleydaily – June 28, 2017


Model: Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia

Line: 2012 Basic (All-Stars Segment)

Where to get it: Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia on ebay

Why it’s in the collection: Because it is one of the best “non-stock” Ferraris that Hot Wheels has done.  It is nearly perfect in its simple design.

The 458 isn’t a particularly well done casting, at least by Hot Wheels standards.  The rear wheels are too big and the front too small, but it gets a pass because Hot Wheels only have specific sized wheels to work with.  But when looked at, or photographed at, the right angle, it looks awesome.


With castings like this I usually only collect the first releases that are mainly stock.  I have this model in red, yellow, gunmetal, and blue.  There were a few others in more Hot Wheels-created decos, but I only kept this one.  For good reason though.  It’s white for one, and I am sucker for white cars, but those Italian Flag-inspired stripes really put it over the top.  That angle enhances the design, and the model is gorgeous.  An all-timer.

Man, I miss Hot Wheels Ferraris.


3 Replies to “The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia”

  1. Awesome Ferrari 458 Italia you open up and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I miss hotwheels Ferraris also.

  2. This is definitely one of the better “non-Ferrari” decos they did on the 458. Can’t help thinking silver might be more striking with the stripes, but still. Each and every Ferrari in my (and I’m sure yours as well) collection has taken on extra meaning since Mattel’s license with Ferrari expired, so I’m happy to have this one.

    This feature is a very welcome nugget that I already look forward to seeing ever day.

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