Mad Mike Whiddet’s pickup is a great debut for the Hot Wheels Mazda REPU.

It was back in September of last year that Hot Wheels let the secret out the Mazda REPU was in development.  Call it JDM hype or whatever, but a Mazda Rotary Pickup was most welcome.  Like any pickup really.  Like the Datsun 620, or Toyota 4×4, or the ’83 Silverado.  You know why?  Because pickups are awesome.  I mean haven’t you seen Lamley is all about pickups?  That is what I hype.  Yo.

So hooray a Mazda Pickup.  And I mean that in a legit “hooray”, not a sarcastic “hooray”.  We are going to see a lot of this one in the future, in I am sure all kinds of looks.  And with this current team, you know it will look good.

But that is for a later time.  Let’s talk about this debut.  Here it is from one side:


And from the other:


Wait it’s different.  There is a reason.  If you look at the top of the card, you see an “MM” logo with the name “Mad Mike”.  A number of you are giving me the “duh” look, but let the few that don’t know who Mad Mike is get their bearings.  Mad Mike Whiddet is from New Zealand.  He drives Mazdas.  He drives them really REALLY well.  And this is his truck:

My good friend Shawn Sawyer took these pics at a Formula Drift event a few years ago.  Hot Wheels’ replica is pretty darn good.  Really darn good.  The new steelies look really good on this one.


So a lot of reasons to be excited about this one.  The main being its a pickup.  #lamleyhype.


12 Replies to “Mad Mike Whiddet’s pickup is a great debut for the Hot Wheels Mazda REPU.”

  1. That new Mazda repu pickup truck coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  2. Not much to say here…looks fantastic and I can’t wait! It’s amazing what a difference taillight tampos can make on a vehicle.

  3. One time again, I follow you on this one.
    This little pickup is fantastic ! It deserves the hype.
    Great tampos, great matte paint, great wheels… One of my favorite HW this year (and it’s a great year !).

  4. Cool. Great livery and I hope this will be easy to find. Tired of hunting for something that scalper and eBay pirates grab all of them.

  5. Man I hope this casting makes it to a Premium Line in the very near future!! Would love to park this next to the Datsun pickup from the Car Culture Trucks series.

  6. As a huge Mazda fan, and even more of a Mazda Ute (Pickup in Oz) fan, this is like a dream come true, can’t wait for it to hit our shores and ill be in the on hunt for it.

  7. I agree the variety in Hot Wheels is fun. If there were a truck that needs doing, IMHO, it ought to be the Nissan King Cab

  8. Ok, ALL I want to know is whether this will be released in a bright 70’s color with cool factory looking graphics. If so I will hold off on the primer grey (bleh) and look for the recolor. If not, I need to pick one up to repaint it.

    Sounds like there will be more colors, but will it be gross like the later Datsun 510’s, or tasteful like the hako?

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