The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard ’78 Ford Mustang II

Welcome to the #lamleydaily.

It is something new, and I think you will enjoy it.  Starting today, a #lamleydaily model will post every Midnight MST here on the blog.  It will feature one car.  Not one casting, or make, but just ONE model.  One release, one color, just one.  I will include what I know about the model, why it is in my collection, and if there is any way to get one, where you can get it.

Nothing else about the Lamley blog changes.  I will continue to do the features as I always have, just now the #lamleydaily will join in.  I have found with new model previews, case openings, and other casting features, it has been hard to dip into some of my old favorites.  I like featuring them, and I know several of you enjoy reading them.

Now I can.  I don’t need an angle, I don’t a reason.  I can just grab a model, photograph it, and post it.  Maybe all of you will be interested in the model I post, or maybe just three of you will be.  Either way, it’s there for you to check out.

This will be as random as random can be, and hopefully you see some models you want to add to your collection.  Look for a new #lamleydaily post every Midnight, with a link posted on Facebook and IG later in the day.

So here we go.

#lamleydaily – June 26, 2017


Model:  Hot Wheels ’78 Ford Mustang II

Line:  2012 Boulevard

Where to get it:  HW Boulevard ’78 Ford Mustang II on eBay 

Why it’s in the collection:  Look at it!  It’s ridiculous.  If it didn’t say “Mustang” on the base I think many collectors would think this is just an odd generic made to look somewhat like a sports car.  But it is a Mustang.  A replica of the Mustang II, which isn’t exactly loved by most Mustang aficionados.

And in case you are wondering, it is based on an actual car, the Monroe Handler Mustang II.


Maybe one day Hot Wheels can do the actual Monroe Handler Mustang.  For now, this casting remains a one-off, debuting in Boulevard and then vanishing.

It is quirky, which might be a nice way to say “ugly”, but I love it.  When Hot Wheels does replicas of cars like this one, it is always a joy.  I hope we see it again, but if we don’t, I am thrilled to have this one.


(photo credit: CJ Pony Parts)

22 Replies to “The Lamley Daily: 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard ’78 Ford Mustang II”

  1. Cool feature. I would, theoretically, love a Mustang II to go with my Vega, Chevette, Monza, X-11, El Camino, etc. I have quite a bit malaise gathering in the display case. However, for some reason this one just doesn’t look right. Maybe it’s proportions, or maybe it’s detailing. I’m glad to know it exists (and kind of hoped it was an upcoming model), but I don’t need to buy one.
    I don’t know if the Daily has to be daily. I would be content with weekly, but if you can find enough interesting content more power to you!

    1. Ha, bonus points to you for bringing up malaise. I’m a big fan of the Johnny Lightning Chevette with pizza delivery deco. So appropriate.

      1. Do you mean Chevette or Citation?

        I tried to pick up every JL Citation I could find. Love it.

  2. Awesome 1978 Ford mustang || you open up and reviewed congrats thumbs up. I hope and pray they make more of these thumbs up.

  3. This was certainly an oddball choice for Hot Wheels, and I couldn’t resist picking one up when these were on the pegs way back when. It’s a shame they went with such a loud color combo…even doing a black interior would have made this a little easier on the eyes…still, I like it for how bathshit crazy it is.

    Good idea for a daily feature, John, I look forward to seeing what else you dig up.

  4. This was from the case that all the local Giant grocery stores in my area got tons of. In fact, I bet you I could go to one of the stores around here and find one hanging on the pegs right now.

    I picked up a few when there was a clearance for $1 each. I robbed one of its wheels and decided to paint the body black. It looks a LOT better.

  5. This is awesome! It’s stuff like this that keeps my interest.. makes me want to continue adding to my hoarding diecast “sickness”, as w=my wife calls it.
    Always wanted this model Mustang but was always torn between the HW’s Boulevard edition or the Johnny Lightning Cobra II. Didn’t know the Boulevard casting was inspired by the Monroe Handler project. Would be cool if HW’s did one just like it,
    but I would accept the Boulevard one just a s well!
    Thanks John!

  6. Have it, seems to me the roof is low. Looks chopped but still a nice piece. Retro entertainment Charlie’s Angles blue and white would look great.

  7. I agree about the interior, but there’s a reason they did it in the period correct and inspired by RL scheme they did.

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