Lamley Preview: 2017 Hot Wheels HWC Series 14 Real Riders Drag Dairy

Hey weren’t we doing this two weeks ago?

It’s Monday evening and another RLC model goes on sale tomorrow.  Like it did two weeks ago.  And two weeks before that.  Not bad.  I think I remember times like that as an RLC member.

Mix in the shipment of membership Gassers, and RLC is on a roll.  And that is nice to say. The models have been going on sale consistently, and even better, is getting an upgrade.  All of this is a long time coming, and hopefully ushers in a nice run for the Red Line Club.


I bring all this up for two reasons.  One, this particular model I am previewing that goes on sale tomorrow, the Drag Dairy, isn’t what we shall call “my cup of tea”, although this is a VERY nice looking release.  Second, this is the last sale for a couple of months, with the HWC going down for a bit for the upgrades, the July holiday, and Comic Con.  Sales should return in August, with models like the Datsun 510 and Cabin Fever on the docket.

Anyway, this is fun.  Lots of cool stuff.

Alright, on to the Drag Dairy.  It was built for collectors, and follows the tradition of large, heavy, extreme models.  It was made for events and sales like this.  For that reason, I would totally classify it as one of those “every collector should have” models.  Every collector should have at least one Drag Bus, one Blown Delivery, one Dairy Delivery, one ’55 Chevy Panel, and on and on.  The Drag Dairy surely fits in.


So the question becomes, which one?  This one.  Or the holiday model from a couple of years ago.  But that one is now more expensive, so get this one, especially since Hot Wheels is pricing it at $15, not the $20 price that deters many from buying.

This one looks much better with Real Riders compared to Neos, so it has that going for it. Oh, and two words: “Black Spectraflame”.  We need more of that.

Sub Plan members, your is on its way.  RLC members, you’ve got tomorrow starting 9 AM Pacific.  HWC members, yours is Wednesday.  Limit two both days.  They rest of you?  Any left go up on Thursday with no limit.  6000 were made so we will see.

See you at the next sale.  (It’s nice to say that.)



8 Replies to “Lamley Preview: 2017 Hot Wheels HWC Series 14 Real Riders Drag Dairy”

  1. Awesome redline club drag dairy delivery you got, you open up, and you reviewed congrats thumbs up. I will be getting one from my Best Friend thumbs up. I just got the blown delivery yesterday from my Best Friend thumbs up.

      1. Ben, SamAce is a cool dude and a great commenter. Always happy he reads the blog and watches the videos. He’s been participating in this hobby for years.

  2. Again, another Drag Dairy sans drag racing livery … and why ? This is so deserving of a look much like those dragsters and gassers and rails that we go see race down the 1420……. so, yeah, another ‘I’ll pass on this one’ …… it could be so much better IMHO.

  3. Not crazy about this particular casting. Not crazy about drag busses and VW vans, but if it was a Challenger or a Cadillac funny car i’d jump on it like stink on dod doo!

  4. There are definitely times I wish I were an RLC member, but this is not one of them…I honestly don’t understand the following this casting has. Yes, it has a pretty paint job but I dunno…I don’t really get it.

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