As is the Custom: My faves for the week ending June 24, 2017

The Matchbox Custom Contest is well underway, and from what I have heard there are quite a few that have already caught the eye of the Design Team.  Remember, submissions are due July 16th and they have to be on Instagram with the hashtag #matchboxcustomcontest2017.  That is the only way to submit.

Because the contest is going on now, I am deliberately keeping Matchbox customs off As is the Custom, just to be fair and not give the impression that I am promoting one over the other.  I have no say in who the Matchbox Team selects as winners, and I don’t want to create that appearance in any way.  So all the selections this week are brands other than Matchbox.

Remember the best way for me to see these customs is with the #lamleycustoms tag.  Some amazing stuff this week to be sure.

As always, As is the Custom has a partner, 7EIGHToys and their custom wheels.  This week’s wheel?  The #78N:

These wheels are available for purchase along with all other styles at the 7EIGHToys store.

Alright, on with this week’s selections, and please excuse this crappy way to start:

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