My my, have you seen the upcoming Auto World “Lead Sled” Chevy Kingswood Drag Wagon?

True story.  A couple of Fridays ago I was in a waiting room, doing what everyone does in a waiting room these days – putzing around on my phone.  Inevitably I found myself on Facebook.  Kid pictures – Trump – Summer vacation – Trump – movie trailer – Trump.  You know the scrolling drill.  It went on – Trump, Trump, Auto World Lead Sled Drag Wagon, Trumphhhhhh….wait what!?!  Scroll back.

Yeah, I saw this:

IMG_4474 2

I looked at the post from Auto World’s Facebook page and literally blurted out an “oh wow”.  I got looks.  I probably deserved them.  But how else was I supposed to react?

We all look at our phones.  We all react to what we see.  But we usually keep those reactions to ourselves.  Three people could be looking at their phones, all reacting to what they are reading differently, but you wouldn’t know because their expressions are exactly the same.  Not me, at least when I saw this model (and when I am on @kookslams on IG, but that is another thing).

So if I am going to embarrass myself in a waiting room, the model is probably a good one.  And the upcoming Auto World Lead Sled most certainly is.  This is the first “custom” Kingswood by Auto World, but it is based on a real car.


The wheels on the finished product will be more like the real thing, and all the rest of the details are there.  You can see the Ultra Red Chase as well.  Auto World is even going further by imagining their own street version in black:

How cool are these!?!?  Cool enough to blurt your feelings out in public like I did?

Here is what you need to know.  This is a hobby exclusive, and will be out this fall.  That means the only way to get both is by buying from a hobby dealer online or in person.

Auto World has started doing more hobby exclusives, starting in July with two Impalas and the Ford GT40.  I previewed them a few days ago on YouTube, and the photo showcase is coming:

I am always for variety, and Auto World is definitely doing that with some of their latest offerings like these hobby exclusives and the Brochure Barracuda.

The obsession grows.

7 Replies to “My my, have you seen the upcoming Auto World “Lead Sled” Chevy Kingswood Drag Wagon?”

  1. Auto World is far and few between in my parts. There is at least one good Walmart and TRU is the only other, but late last year there were tons. Not now. Seemed Target had some as well as other WM’s but they kind’a dried up.
    Maybe the second half of the year they’ll start showing up but I wonder if it’s because there were hanging all last year on the pegs. Damn you retail stores!
    That Gulf GT40 is a must have… it’ll go great next to the RLC Spectraflame version!

  2. Auto World claims the tires are correctly scaled as well.

    Tires were skinnier back in the day, and higher profile, too.

    We are used to fat tires on our toy cars because Hot Wheels and most of the other brands use wide rubber on their premium lines.

    Next time you’re at a car show, have a look at how tall and thin the tires on restored 60s and 70s cars look to modern eyes.

    I think Auto World got it right.


    1. You’re right about classic cars having skinny tires, but AutoWorld had them too skinny. I think the correct look should be somewhere in between.

  3. Oh my god…this looks amazing. The recreation of the real “Lead Sled” is killer, but that all black one (sans roof rack and wood grain paneling) steals the show. That. Looks. Amazing. I’m thinking I’ll be breaking my “only buy what you can find in person” rule on that one…

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