Ryu Asada’s Hot Wheels Honda City appears.

From the desk of the Hot Wheels Design Team:

This is how a model should debut.  From the folks that actually made it.  Ignore the bad photography of the stolen stuff.  This is awesome.

Can’t wait.

11 Replies to “Ryu Asada’s Hot Wheels Honda City appears.”

  1. Veeerrry nice. It’s hard to tell from the angle, but the scale does look a bit big…which is really only a problem if you stick it directly side-by-side with the Odyssey, but still. In isolation, this is going to be a tremendous casting. The deco is a nice tie-in with the Odyssey, but fingers crossed for a clean version…or perhaps a ZAMAC? Possibilities, possibilities…

  2. Very nice. I wish they would drop a few more Honda’s. 70s Prelude? Still this is amazing. Hot Wheels you have REALLY UPPED your game. Now the only problem is finding them. 2017 has been the best I’ve seen in a long time. Great work and KUDOS to you guys. Cant wait.

  3. Well, at first I thought I had seen that wheel on the old Go Kart, but I was wrong, that is the similar size wheel as the go Kart, just the fact it is more of an Aerodisc, not a standard 5 spoke as the Go Kart got a lot of times. Oh, BTW, don’t forget there is 2(TWO) Motocompo bikes in the back of the Odyssey, you had to get a real good eye or take it apart to see them. I am looking forward to adding this little City into my collection, might have to add a detail touch or two, but I want one for sure.

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