How cool are these? Auto World unveils its “Brochure” and “Sample-Swatch” Barracudas

If you aren’t following Auto World on Facebook, you really should be.  Every Friday they throw out a tidbit of news, including previews of new models.  And today’s news was pretty cool.

Auto World unveiled two models coming in 2017 Premium Release 3, due in July.  Both are 1965 Plymouth Barracudas, a model they have done before.  But these are unique, in that they replicate the models used in the sales brochures.  One is black, and the other, fantastically, is the sample-swatch model, which sampled all the available colors on the car:

This is such a cool idea, and even better from a diecast-maker rooted in Americana like Auto World.  What makes it even better is they are doing a Sample-Swatch Ultra-Red Chase as well:


Look for these beauties in July.

7 Replies to “How cool are these? Auto World unveils its “Brochure” and “Sample-Swatch” Barracudas”

  1. I LOVE this idea. It would be kind of neat even without the connection to a real car that existed, but the fact that they actually did this on a real car back in the day makes it super cool. I can’t wait for this.

  2. Does someone know if AW will make a series out of it, with more Brochure cars? That would be sooooo cool!! Best idea!!

  3. Wish the wheels were smaller. That was Auto World’s “thing” when they first started, and I didn’t like when they made them wider and now the diameter is looking a little big too.

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