Isn’t kind of nuts that we are now up to 111 Hot Wheels Walmart-exclusive Zamacs released now?

Right? 111. 108 through the end of 2018 with the first three released this year. That’s a lot. It also means that Mattel and Walmart have been smart to stick to it. Walmart has had exclusives for awhile, but the Zamacs have been brilliant. A unique take on basic models. The variety can be wide, […]

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The Ice Charger Cometh.

The movie has come and gone, and I think 2/3 of the world saw it.  The Fast & Furious movies get more and more popular with each installment, even as they get more and more outlandish.  FnF in Space has to be on the horizon. It is for that reason that there exists an “Ice […]

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