The Ice Charger Cometh.

The movie has come and gone, and I think 2/3 of the world saw it.  The Fast & Furious movies get more and more popular with each installment, even as they get more and more outlandish.  FnF in Space has to be on the horizon.


It is for that reason that there exists an “Ice Charger”.  Dom can’t drive any Ice Car to take out a sub.  It has to be a take on his beloved Charger.  Hence, Ice Charger.  Even better, it means that the 2017 Hot Wheels basic range has produced two new Chargers.  One to use for jumping out of a plane, and the other for jumping submarines.  What have we done?

But the folks want their Dom cars, and Hot Wheels has thusly obliged.  Muscle maniac Brendon Vetuskey took this one on, and the result, for a basic car, should make the FnF folks happy.

There is a charm to Hot Wheels basic models that the more premium versions can’t achieve, but with that said I would not be surprised to see a premium version at some point.  There are not that many options for this casting outside of FnF, so I can see that pushed a bit.  One way or the other, the FnF fans have to be happy.

4 Replies to “The Ice Charger Cometh.”

  1. I collected the 1:55 scale f and f cars the ice charger appears to much more detailed than the regular hot wheels seen here…..coles supermarkets has them on special now pegs are overflowing.

  2. That new fast & furious Dom’s ice charger is awesome. I like it and I love it. I will be on the hunt for this one thumbs up.

  3. I agree with the charm of the Hot Wheels Basic cars, and really appreciate them in the Fast and Furious packaging. The premium Mattel cars really missed the mark in my opinion. They don’t come near the quality of the Jada 1/55 scale cars but are roughly the same price. For some reason, these cars are rarely discounted and keep the pegs full at every store that carries them at $3.99 apiece. Even Toys R Us had a buy 1 get one at 50% off sale around Easter and didn’t move that many. I think that Mattel would have killed it if they did this selection in their regular Hot Wheels size and branding at $1.99- $2.49 apiece.

  4. This works for me even though I am not a FnF fan. You could convince yourself this is simply a heavily customized car and really not care about the movie connection, so it’s in that sense that this is appealing to me. I think it’d look appropriate sitting next to the bonkers rocket-powered custom El Camino from several years ago, which is a model I really loved for its audacity and sinister look.

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