Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Mooneyes Custom VW Beetle

It's a truth widely acknowledged that anything with the Mooneyes livery on it is instant cool, and in the world of diecast, Hot Wheels are solid proof of that.

Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Volkswagen SP2

Hot Wheels have always done a sterling service to air cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts. The Beetle and T1 and T2 vans have been present in various forms for a while in a multitude of Hot Wheels lines. The Type 181. The Variant "Squareback". I could go on. Even the VW Brasilia has featured.

Matchbox celebrates the “pre-crossover” crossovers with the new 1990 VW Golf Country

"Why do this, when you can do THIS?" That seems to be a mantra that most collectors love to see Matchbox embrace.  And a few times a year they do.  It is a formula that works really well for Matchbox.  Some examples: "Why do a Karmann Ghia, when you can do a Karmann Ghia T34 …

The M2 Machines VW Double Cab Camper is insanely cool. Here is how M2 Designer Sean Taylor made it happen.

A few months ago M2 caused quite the stir with their VW Double Cabs.  6 models, all different, all based on the '59/'60 Double Cab Pickup.  In typical M2 fashion, the models were highly detailed, but the styles and looks of each represented a different element of the car world, from stock to aftermarket.