Has there really already been 10 releases of Club Vee-Dub?

(Greenlight Vee-Dub on ebay)

I seriously cannot believe that we are already on series 10 of Club Vee-Dub. I was really excited for the first VW series to come out (2015). I remember being worried about finding them because the only place to find them in my area was the sadly now closed Toys “R” Us. Back then I was really into 1/64 VW Busses and Beetles (I still sort of am) and Greenlight put out some good ones in the first series.

I actually never found them but a buddy of mine did and picked up the series for me. I still will never forget the feeling when I finally had them in my hands. I was mostly only collecting Hot Wheels at that time and this was one of my first forays into other brands. I was so new to Greenlight that I didn’t realize until at least a year later that one of the VW Beetles that my friend picked up for me was a green body Green Machine (I still have it).

After this first release, I had the idea that I was going to collect all of the VW Busses and Beetles that Greenlight put out. It took me up until 2018 to realize that this idea was insane as they have put out enough of these to base an entire collection on. Like many collectors, my collector focus has changed over the years but I still pick up some of these castings from time to time.

It is kind of crazy to think that with this being series 10 in 2020 they are averaging two releases of this series a year. That is just too much for me but if you’re a big VW fan, Greenlight has you covered. Also, seeing the new Rabbit/Golf tooling make its first appearance in the series is refreshing.

The two versions of the new tooling are definitely the high point of the series for me. First, we have the Gulf Golf. Speaking of stuff that you could base an entire collection on, Gulf Oil qualifies. I love the orange and blue and have a lot of Gulf cars in my collection. But, so many brands now have put out cars in Gulf livery that it has got to the point of market saturation. This VW does wear it well though and when I saw it for the first time I had to have it. This version of the tooling looks great and is a bit different from the stock versions. It is sans bumpers and has some fender flares.

Gulf Oil #9 – 1974 Volkswagen Golf

Then there is the stock version of the 1975 Rabbit. This one looks great. I really enjoy its bright green color. In my opinion, Greenlight did a fantastic job with this tooling. The proportions look bang on. The wheels look great too. I really like that there are tooling variations as well. So far, like what has become of most castings when they first come out, there are a lot of releases to choose from right away (I already have 6 of the 7 variations that have come out so far).

1975 Volkswagen Rabbit in Rallye Green

Next, we have the Type 2 VWs. There are three in this series. They all look pretty good but I literally have like 50 of them in my collection and that is already too many. Don’t get me wrong the toolings are awesome (which is why I have so many) but I cannot house any more of these. I also don’t think it is bad that there are so many. If you want them all, great. If you just want one or a couple, you have a ton of options to choose from. Greenlight releases a lot of variations of most of their castings and that is good for collectors. If you don’t like the first release of a new casting just wait as there will be a lot more coming.

Lastly, here is the Classic Volkswagen Beetle casting from Greenlight. This one has a Norwegian police deco which gives this well used casting some uniqueness. This might be the casting from Greenlight that wins the most variations out there award and is another one that I have a ton of. For some reason, though I cannot stop picking them up. I am sure that I have missed a few here and there as I don’t try to keep up with the releases as they come out (and forget about trying to get all the older Motor World releases including the dioramas), but when I see one that I know I don’t have and it has an interesting deco I grab it.

Trollveggen, Norway Polis – Classic Volkswagen Beetle

(Greenlight Vee-Dub on ebay)

So that is the 10th installment of Club Vee-Dub. Overall, it is a solid series especially if you are a VW nut. The highlight of the release is definitely the Gulf Golf being that it is the one I think most will opt to pick up out of the series. The Rabbit will also be popular.

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