Lamley Preview: Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C (or “that batch with the R34 Skyline”)


Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C will probably not garner a ton of attention from collectors, with one massive exception.  And it doesn’t take much to know what that is.

Mattel sent over a set to preview, which I did:

It all depends on what you like HW Entertainment for.  Obviously the purpose of the line is release premium versions of entertainment-related replicas.  I know, duh.  So from that perspective it is a great batch.

But if you are in the diecast collecting game for cool cars, Entertainment will only offer models you want some of the time (unless it is Forza or Gran Turismo).  That is the case here, with really only one out of the five hitting the cool car folks.

But oh how it hits.  The R34 Skyline is a big release for collectors, and it does not disappoint.  So much in fact that I am dedicated a separate post to it, coming later today.

My guess is the Milano and Jetsons hang a bit, the Batmobile to a lesser extent, while the Snoopy garners a decent amount of attention.  The R34 will most likely stay on the pegs only until the first collector arrives.

For collectors, this assortment is ALL about the Skyline.  The blue R34 is probably the most frequently requested Fast & Furious model that hasn’t been done up to this point.  There have been three silver with blue striping versions released in Walmart FnF lines, but no blue one.  That all changes with this batch:


Brian’s blue Skyline makes its debut as a premium model, and even if you are not a FnF fan, it’s a must have.  Real Riders with front, rear, and side decos, and a metal chassis.  Even if you aren’t a Fast & Furious fan, the premium R34 is a must-have.

But there are some issues with the rest of the batch.  The Jetsons is a full repeat, and the Milano offers very little over the basic release to merit the $4 price difference.  I think the Batmobile and Snoopy will be popular with many collectors, but they to add to the heavy dose of “character cars”.  So it all goes back to the Skyline.

Pics of the Skyline coming in the next post.  Enjoy.

4 Replies to “Lamley Preview: Hot Wheels Entertainment Batch C (or “that batch with the R34 Skyline”)”

  1. Great, so four pegwarmers that’ll still be hanging when Halloween comes around, and one hot model that I’ll absolutely never see. I’ll just console myself with the fact that the R34 looked better with a plastic wing.

  2. BvS Batmobile was already released in a previous Retro series.. a second version in the basic card will be released soon..

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