Isn’t kind of nuts that we are now up to 111 Hot Wheels Walmart-exclusive Zamacs released now?

Right? 111. 108 through the end of 2018 with the first three released this year. That’s a lot.

It also means that Mattel and Walmart have been smart to stick to it. Walmart has had exclusives for awhile, but the Zamacs have been brilliant. A unique take on basic models. The variety can be wide, and the execution always different. Honestly I’m cool with 18 Zamacs coming out every year forever. I’ll keep collecting them.

I am happy I decided early on to collect them all. Filling in 111 gaps now would be difficult. I just added the last three:

And that makes 111. Now can you pick a Top 3? Better you than me, because I can’t.

6 Replies to “Isn’t kind of nuts that we are now up to 111 Hot Wheels Walmart-exclusive Zamacs released now?”

  1. Awesome zamac collection you have congrats. 👍I’m still on the hunt for some of those including the latest 3. My top 3 favorites are the 1955 Chevy bel air gasser, classic 1966 TV series batmobile, and the 1969 dodge charger Daytona. 👍

  2. 111 ZAMACs is all well and good, but I can barely remember the last time I even found one. For a while I was doing really well, but the distribution on these seems to have taken quite a nose-dive of late.

  3. While the zamacs are cool, I would much rather have exclusive colors again like they used to do and how K-Mart has them.

  4. What a great ZAMAC collection you have there John! By the way, that dump bin you came across is absolutely insane! Is that the MOMO 510 I see just laying there near the top?

    Anyway, while I am not really interested in having every ZAMAC, there are quite a few I wish I had found; Ford GT40, McLaren P1, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Porsche Carrera GT, 911 GT3 RS, Lamborghini Veneno and Aventador J, Honda Civic EF and Type R, Datsun 620, Shelby GT500, Viper, Aston Martin One-77, etc. As is, I believe I have about 8 or 9.

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