Parcel of the day : ModelMatic box !!

It’s happening every 3 or 4 months, and it’s always a joy. ModelMatic offers a system of collectors box, which is very clever and useful if you want to save on shipping costs. You buy, you pay, you have a code that neutralize the shipping fees, and when you’re ready (days, weeks, maybe months later when the box is big enough), ask Jon to send you the box after a bill for total shipping. Cool eh ?

So, that’s what I did for the last couple of months, and the box arrived last day. I wanted to share with you the unboxing, and the content, with, when possible, the other versions of the cars inside I have in my collection, and why.

ModelMatic is a really gold mine for us in Europe, specially if you want to collect AutoWorld, Greenlight or M2 Machines. Those may be quite common for you guys in USA, but imagine here in France there is strictly nothing – nothing – in the stores. It simply doesn’t exist (some very very rare Greenlight Hollywood can appear in very very rare stores, but nothing much).

I’m very selective with M2 Machines, as I think it is not always perfectly scaled, neither really well finished (QC issues). But I adore buy some from time to time. This Cheyenne Super 10 is really strange, but very well executed. The Mooneyes was bought as I own a little collection of Mooneyes, and I just loved the disks wheels.

My collection of Greenlight used to be bigger than what I have today, as I am more and more selective too. I’m trying to avoid having duplicates of the same castings (except for wagons), and I try hard to choose the best version (or the one I like the best) to keep. It’s also a matter of space, because I display almost everything.

I couldn’t pass on the 1987 Chevrolet Caprice in NYC Taxi version, as it might be the most iconic US car for a 90’s kid. The casting is … ah, not perfect, don’t know what they missed but it is not that exciting. It matches my NYPD version.

The Checker Marathon is a very recent new casting (my first), and I’m totally in. This version in NYC Taxi is perfect. A really nice job from Greenlight.

Finally with yellow cars, the 1975 Ford Torino is also my first one, and I thought that another NYC Taxi version would be cool. The casting seems good, but I don’t now enough this car to judge the lines, that are appearing quite ugly for me. But i love it! It also matches my green Gran Torino coupe.

One Muscle, still don’t know why I bought this one! I love the Greenlight interpretation of the Camaro racing versions, so here are my 3 Camaro’s :

Finally with Greenlight, I was dying for this 1977 Pontiac LeMans Safari in this metallic brown color, sold with a trailer I’m not particularly interested in. I really love this version, the color and the disks wheels.

I hitched it with the 1971 Airstream Land Yacht Safari, that I missed from previous batches. So, you bet I was happy when Greenlight decided to issue it again. I love this home made trailer set.

And you can see this is my third Pontiac LeMans Safari, a casting I really like.

As I said in introduction, ModelMatic is my best way to have AutoWorld castings. If I had to keep one US brand in my collection, it would be AutoWorld with no hesitation. I just love it. I can’t buy everything for space problems, and it is costly, but it is really a joy to collect.

I really did not want to miss the Plymouth is this pale green, and the Mustang fastback. One of my favorite castings from AW.

I don’t think the aqua blue color of the fastback Mustang can be bet. It is one of my all time favorites.

I am very far from having everything from AW, but I own a nice collection of around 160 models. I display them by car, mostly.

Finally, a bit of exoticism, as ModelMatic stocks some Aoshima Gran Champion cars. He sells them in the blind box way, so you don’t know what you will get, which makes the unboxing quite fun. I got those 2 :

They complete my little but constantly growing Aoshima collection.

That’s it for this big box, that I hope you liked to discover. Don’t hesitate to have a look at ModelMatic shop, as it is a real goldmine for diecast nerds, specially if you live in Europe. Cheers.

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  1. Those taxis are neat, Will. I’ll have to see about adding them to the collection as well. Cheers.

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