Matchbox Monday hitches back up to the twin packs

My latest article is going up on the Wheel Collectors website. I am busy tackling the first batch of 2023 Hitch & Haul from Matchbox. This set does include one of the most fun H&H sets I have seen in a while. I was enjoying it. Anyway, I hope you like the report. If you haven’t already bookmarked my Matchbox page there, here is the link to take you to all the article I have written there. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. The link to the June 4th report wasn’t posted here for some reason, David. Regulars may have missed it, as I did until today.

  2. Wil we be seeing these anywhere in the UK? I have seen some earlier Hitch & Haul packs at The Entertainer so I guess it’s a possibility.
    Meanwhile, on the home front and slightly off piste I’ve found the 2022 Retro series (mix D?) at Yorkshire Trading, Of interest to me is the MB1264 Cadillac which hasn’t seen any official distribution here (I stand to be corrected) but also included are the Camaro in orange, Corvette T top in red, Subaru SVX in green, Golf Country in red and the “Turf Hauler” (ex Faun dumper and other aliases) in red and grey. Cards have stickers on the back indicating they’ve been through Mattel Indonesia. Yorkshre Trading are relatively small so don’t know if these models are showing up anywhere else.
    Even further off piste, where have the new issues of singles gone? Morrisons don’t seem to have re-stocked and B&M have the same clip-strips they’ve had for months reduced to 2 or 3 models. Hope this is just a temporary glitch.

    1. I bet father dougal could?!… Craggy island has better distribution!…👍….
      My local B&M has 3 stands for hot wheels and two mbx singles on a clipstrip…. everywhere else in my local area same old…old…old….

  3. Maybe I complained too soon. A Morrisons near me has just re-stocked with 2023 case D. No Audi E-tron so nothing I haven’t already seen (and rather too many carry-overs IMHO) but at least there is still stuff coming through, albeit slower than I think we’d all like

  4. If its any consolation I’m out in France for 2 weeks and although various Matchbox lines are widely available the basics are still stuck at early 2023 batches like the UK. The only difference is Action stores who are selling Case F and G Power Grabs for the equivalent of just £1 each!

  5. I never liked generics, never will ! The best generic is still inferior when compared to licenced one.(even if not that great it’s still better than generic)

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