Back to 1977 with a quartet of Minichamps Porsche racers

Sometimes it’s impossible to do a model justice with words. It’s harder when you’re confronted with a group of models that are truly stunning. How do you pick just one you like when you like all of them? What could you say about one that couldn’t be said for them all? And that’s exactly the thought process that began when I was confronted with the new Minichamps x Tarmac collaboration cars. So.. maybe we just let the pictures do most of the talking today.

We’ve seen how capable Minichamps are with racing Porsches before; way back in 2020 I covered the excellent Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (997) and 1976 934 RSR. This time around we’ve got two 934s again but this time joined by a pair of 935s. All carry famous liveries and all replicate cars that ran in 1977. All are superb. Lets look at the 934 first.

And we start with the Number 58 Kremer Racing car from the ’77 Le Mans 24 Hours. Sponsored by fashion brand Burton, the car finished 7th overall and 1st in the GT class.

Sportscar maestro Bob Wollek piloted the car alongside Phillipe Gurdijan and “Steve”, the pseudonym of a driver named Didier Jaumont. The Burton livery is one of the great Porsche racing colour schemes in my opinion (and one that I looked at last year with Majorette’s version) and Minichamps have done it proud. This is my pick of the four.

The next 1977 934 we’re looking at is the #61 Brumos car of Jim Busby and Peter Gregg, a 10th place finisher in that year’s Daytona 24 Hours.

The Brumos livery again is one of the most recognisable, one so important to Porsche that the company chose to replicate the scheme on their 911 RSRs for the 2019 12 Hours of Sebring. Funnily enough it’s also another one that graces a Majorette 934. It’s effortlessly cool.

We move on to the 935 next and two competitors from the ’77 DRM Zolder Bergischer Löwe.

First the Jägermeister livery of the #52 Max Moritz car piloted by Manfred Schurti. This 935 took Division 1 honours and overall victory in the race.

The 935 features far more aggressive aero than the 934 and Minichamps have captured all the extra vents, wings and swoops perfectly, and to top it off the Jägermeister orange looks stunning in miniature.

Next up is the #51 Kremer Vaillant car which Bob Wollek took to second place in Division 1 and third overall behind the BMW 320 of Marc Surer.

It’s a more muted scheme than the Jägermeister car, and even though orange is my favourite colour the Vaillant livery is my pick of the two 935s.

If I was really pushed the Vaillant car would join the Burton car in my top two. But there’s so much to be said for the other two it’s a very hard decision. One thing is for certain: Minichamps and Tarmac have done an amazing job on all. And did I mention they roll perfectly? Get one. Get them all. You’ll not be disappointed.

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(Find the Tarmac x Minichamps Porsches at the Tarmac store and on Ebay)

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