Lamley Daily: Majorette Porsche 934 RSR “Kremer – Burton”

A short and sweet Lamley Daily for today, and one that is going to get the anti-Majorette mob shouting, maybe even some of the pro-Majorette mob too. The 934 RSR as presented in the French brand’s line isn’t the most flattering of representations. It’s too high, the wheels aren’t spaced very well and it looks a little off as a result. But hell, with this release I don’t even care. Look at that livery.

It’s the livery of the Group 4 class winning Kremer car that raced at Le Mans in 1977, with the very cool Burton menswear sponsorship. And like the Vaillant cars that we’ve seen it’s proof that a great livery can somewhat save a casting, and that the guys and girls at Majorette are just as into their cars as any of the staff at the Mattel brands.

As mentioned, the 934 casting needs a little tweaking to be one of the all time greats, but has all the usual charm of a Majorette with the trademark suspension and opening doors.

In terms of the livery, the decals making up the Burton sponsorship are bang on; sharp and right where they should be. Sadly the rear light and bumper strip decals look a touch off, but we’re looking a mainline here, not a premium release. And we all know what decal issues can plague the Mattel brands….

This is one of my favourite Majorettes by a country mile, and fully deserves its place in the Lamley spotlight.

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