Stuttgart selection: Majorette Porsche Edition 5 pack

In terms of Porsche, Majorette have it bossed. I’ve already featured the brilliant Premium Deluxe 911S selection (indeed the entire set was a 2020 highlight for me) and now it’s time to have a long overdue look at the Porsche Edition 5 pack. This actually hit last year in the UK at selected retailers, and I am glad to be finally giving it the attention it deserves.

We start with what I think is a bit of a dark horse in the Majorette line up, and a contender for strongest car in the 5 pack: the 718 Boxster. It’s a great looking casting (the decals are really on point) and features the very innovative tilt/removable drop top roof that we’ve seen on the 911S Cabrio. It’s a neat touch that will appeal to kids as well as collectors, and allows you to display the car roof up or down. The colour is spot on, indeed it’s Porsche’s beautiful Miami Blue paint. Very cool indeed.

Next up is the 934 RSR in some brilliant retro warpaint: the colours of Brumos Racing, an exclusive for the 5 pack. The 934 casting itself sits a little high for my liking but I think the addition of the Brumos colours make it a lot easier on the eye. Brumos Racing are one of the best known Porsche customer teams of all time, and for Majorette to bring the #61 livery to this 5 pack is proof that there’s proper car people behind the scenes at the French brand. A super cool livery.

The Panamera done in Highway Patrol livery is pretty cool, but I have to admit it’s not my favourite casting and it’s a bit of a bland filler for an otherwise decent 5 pack. The proportions are a little wonky and the ride height and wheel fitment, while better than the Dubai Police version, are a touch awkward. Nevertheless, it’s a Porsche Police car. It’ll appeal to a lot of people, and I am warming to it.

The pack is bookended by a pair of GT3 RS 911s, one in Porsche Ultraviolet and the other in an exclusive GT2 RS inspired black and yellow scheme.

I’ve got to say the Ultraviolet colour looks brilliant in person, and it edges the yellow car for me by a hair’s breadth. The exclusive car is still a favourite of mine, but I’m a sucker for “different” colour schemes and the purple is super cool.

It’s a model with a great deal of potential too: more of Porsche’s colour chart, as well as racing 911s from the Carrera Cup, the R-GT rally category and others can be replicated easily. I’d love to see Majorette give it a go, and perhaps even give this casting the proper Premium Deluxe treatment in future too, it’s good enough to deserve it. Fingers crossed for a strong 2021 for Majorette, early indicators suggest it’ll certainly be very interesting.

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(Find the Majorette Porsche Edition 5 pack at the brand shop, Ebay and for UK buyers Amazon and Smyths)

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