First look at the new Hot Wheels Lancia Stratos Group 5!

As a fan of classic race and rally cars it gives me great pleasure to show these photos of the brand new Hot Wheels Lancia Stratos Group 5, which will appear in 2021 Boulevard Mix 2!

Designer Mark Jones kindly sent these images for me to share. It’s his second new premium Lancia casting in less than a year, following the debut in the 2020 Thrill Climbers series of the Rally 037, which was recently released as a Period Correct model and in Team Transports as well. It’s also Hot Wheels’ second new Lancia casting of 2021, with the Delta Integrale having appeared as a mainline in case C.

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The Stratos Group 5 was conceived as a silhouette racer in the mid-1970s to rival the Porsche 935 and BMW 3.5 CSL. You might recognize it from its starring role in a certain line of robot toys from the 1980s… This first release of the model version sports an Alitalia-inspired livery by Steve Vandervate. It’ll make a great pair with Hot Wheels’ existing Stratos rally car!

Thanks again to Mark and Hot Wheels for sharing the pictures!

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8 Replies to “First look at the new Hot Wheels Lancia Stratos Group 5!”

  1. Another favorite casting from Mark Jones! A great job on adapting the graphics, too. Thanks for the reveal, Graham –

  2. Great looking car too bad I’ll never find one in the store. Just paid three times retail plus shipping for a couple I never found last year. I hate exclusives. If your not the first one to the pegs (assuming they make it) you’ll never get the popular castings.

  3. Hot Wheels always seems to do the cars I intend on doing as custom projects. I wonder which Group 5 car they will do next, I’d kill for a 320i Turbo.

  4. Love, love, love this. It’s great that they’re doing some lesser known models. A special race version of a Stratos, the recent Alfa 33, etc. It is a shame, however, that we can’t have the actual liveries of some of these race cars and have to settle for “inspired by” versions. I’m thinking the Alitalia livery for this one, the Rothman’s livery for the Porsche 962, etc etc

    1. I know what you mean. Mixture of licensing restrictions/costs I’m sure, plus of course the stuff around alcohol and cigarettes on children’s toys. Would be great though!

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