Another Z coming from Inno64 : new Nissan Fairlady Z32

Let’s continue our Z tour with the new Z around, the Z32. It is the newest casting of he brand and it is surprisingly starting by the midnight purple II. It is matching the previous Fairlady Z already featured, and also the Nissan GT-R R34.

This casting is a very nice addition to the Inno64 collection, and a casting I have been waiting a lot. As far as I know, very few manufacturers tooled this casting. For 90’s fans, JDM fans, GTA San Andreas fans, this is a super good news. Also known as the Nissan 300ZX, this pure 90’s look (1989-1999) is at least tooled by a serious manufacturer and it should please many collectors as the car is a roller with metal chassis. I would have preferred wider tires, maybe it will be corrected for future releases. Apart this point, the car is very satisfying although the color doesn’t help to really appreciate the lines.

The rather low windows of the Z32 are well made such as the sun roof. I love the precision of the rear wiper. Front and rear headlights are as usual, very fine and clean. There is no room for approximation.

In the end, I am impatient to see other recolors of this car, that is coming in red, Japanese police car and in Pace Car with Nissan colors. Be sure I will highlight these in time. Until, please head to eBay listings for a reasonably priced Z32.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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