The new Nissan Fairlady Z (S30) / Datsun 240Z by Inno64 : an entry in style!

The rhythm of Inno64’s news is intensive but I’m sure there is something for every taste. The brand is sometimes going for nerd castings – I mean less known modelcars such the Corona Exiv, Ford Sierra or Honda City Turbo II, and sometimes going with big JDM classic cars such the Nissan Skyline story (near complete!), the Honda NSX or in this case the Nissan Fairlady Z.

Thz Fairlady Z S30 is a 3 door two seats coupe from the very late 60’s/early 70’s produced by Nissan Motors. The car was sold in Japan under the Nissan brand while it was sold in other markets under the Datsun brand. The car even won the 1971 East African Safari Rally!(maybe it can give ideas to Inno64, just saying). Anyway, the Z is obviously a legendary car that was hugely popular and has been reduced by many manufacturers.

But among them, how many did a replica this good? I am not sure Kyosho did the casting back in time (maybe with Car.Nel?), and I have the memory of a very nice and smooth Konami version (I had it, but sold my entire Konami collection). Tomica Limited Vintage reduced the 2+2, Tomica limited might have done it. Some various Japanese brands did tool the casting (I cannot remember the names), and of course the car has been made by many toy manufacturers like Hot Wheels or Majorette (Datsun version). Even M2 Machines tooled one! So, as ChampionDJK said, we arguably have the best Fairlady Z around, in 1/64 premium at least. You can find some on eBay rather easily.

In pure Inno64 fashion, this is not one but 6 versions in less than a month that collectors can add to their collections. Uh. And don’t be fooled by the two rather similar blue versions, because they are far more interesting. Let’s have a look.

First, as I’ve said in the introduction, Inno64 decided to make both a Nissan Fairlady Z (S30) and a Datsun 24OZ. I cannot really see differences between them except some minors changes like mirrors, tail lights and rear spoiler. 240Z specialists can help. The Datsun versions are the more eccentric versions of the lot, with a “zero fighter aircraft livery” paying homage to a Japanese military air craft. The mat dark green is splendid. The car sports a single mirror and a special spoiler. I particularly love the after market style wheels. Please note how the baseplate matches the yellow of the car. It’s art.

The second Datsun of the lot is a version seen at Sema 2018 in Eneos livery. It’s retro look is fine, even it’s not my favorite of the lot. This time, there are classic mirrors in the pure Japanese classic fashion, I mean far away on the hood. The spoiler is different too.

The other 4 models are Nissan Fairlday Z S30 that are all very nice replicas. Each one has its charm and one among them is special. The red one is probably the cleanest version and is wearing typical vintage style wheels in gold. It fits so good with the red robe of the car. Black mirrors are in, red spoiler too, and many others little very neat details magnify the car: almost photo etched wipers, precise logos, shiny chromes and detailed fenders. It’s good job.

Maybe the cleanest version, if you prefer a colorful classic Z.

The blue with carbon hood is very much looking like some premium Hot Wheels, and I wonder how much the developers are paying homage to certain other cars from other brands. The most impressive part on this version is definitely the carbon fiber treatment. How fine and precise it is. The contrast with the blue is not perfect, but in detail and with a good light, you can really see how precise the factory of Inno64 is. They are really, really serious guys. The wheels are also is a plain style, that I’m not totally fond of. The best is to come.

The two latest versions are definitely my favorites. I will not rank them but surely they are my favorites because of the black wheels circled in chrome, that are perfectly matching the cars in my opinion. This is exactly the look I love. While the magic purple is a very impressive delirium (and impressive job from the factory, again!), the dark blue metallic is obviously a special glance to the Wangan Midnight manga (and also a nice way not the pay the licence). The car is in the dark blue livery of the manga and gets “standard” mirrors and a special front. It also gets different headlights. This is a super clean version I absolutely adore.

Please note the different headlights and front radiator intakes.

The magic purple version is also not to miss with a changing paint from purple to green and maroon. It’s a kind of spectraflame color for around 20$ on a premium 1/64. It also matches the magic purple Nissan Skyline R34 the brand released some months ago, and the very new Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32) that I will feature very soon!

The very new Z32 will be featured in a next article! Stay tuned!

All in all, you have understood that I’m totally in with this new Inno64 model, even if I’m not a big fan of the Z in general. I can understand that you don’t want all the versions, but at least you have the choice – and I’m sure it’s not the end. The best Fairlady Z around is here for sure in the premium 1/64 segment, for a very reasonable price. Oh, I always forget : the car gets a metal chassis and is a perfect roller. What are you waiting for ? Go buy some!

Metal and roller and low stance. For once, the perfect trio.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. The plain red version is based on an actual car. The number plate “TC24-B1” refers to an engine head modification kit offered by Japanese company OS Giken, where the original L28 engine’s overhead valve system gets converted to a double overhead camshaft. It’s a very rare kit, and this red car was one of the earliest 240Zs to have it if I remember correctly.

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