A batch of news, recolors and highlights by Inno64!

I have many more cars to feature for you from Inno64, and here are some recolors, new variations and new models from September.

To see the Trueno coming back from time to time is always a joy, the casting being a real beauty. This time, Inno64 is bringing a red recolor with opened headlights. A nice and necessary variation for the Trueno fans! You can add it to your classic jdm red cars by Inno64.

The Boss is back, this time in grey. I cannot count all the versions so far, but I know this casting please a lot of collectors. To me, this plain grey version doesn’t really mean anything.

This Silvia is also a recolor and looks really nice in this black and gold JPS like robe. I love it.

The 997 RWB is going orange for September. A very nice color for this rather unique casting from the brand.

The Civic Type-R FD2 is also making a return, after the very nice Safety Car version from Suzuka circuit. A casting that is an old one, but a good one.

Don’t ask me anything about this one, I don’t specially love the casting that has still not been released in a proper way to me. I’m sure Inno64 can do better with this casting, I’m waiting. For now JDM fans can add this Playboy version to their collection. It’s all black and white.

Finally, Falken fans will be happy to grab this Lancer Evo wagon version, with roll cage. You can find all these models on eBay!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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