Three new colors for the stunning Skyline R34, by Inno64

And three more. How could we say no to that ? The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is a masterpiece from Inno64, and a car I personally like very much. The JDM mania is hitting a lot of us, and for my part it is not since last night. It has hit me for many years now, and the R34 is part of the trip.

Kyosho, back in time, did release a very nice replica of the R34. It is not an easy car to reduce because it has complex stance, and lines. It’s quite a big car in the end. Inno64 reduction is very good too, and takes the path of the after market / tuned look. I like it. The R34 is a recent mold that has been used 4 times (Nismo car show, black, blue and Falken). Let me introduce you the 5th to 7th version, with my new favorite.

The red (actually called active red with carbon bonnet) is straight away my favorite R34 so far. I like the red color, and I love the white wheels. Carbon bonnet is OK. The stance is perfect, and the white rims perfectly match. I cannot read it, but there are tiny decals inscriptions on it. Gold calipers do the job too.

My favorite detail is the Nismo logo on the front radiator. This version is a R-tune version, meaning a certain stage of set up.

The white R34 is a Nismo Sports Resetting version. My Google friend is telling that it is the first step of engine tuning employed by Nismo, without sacrificing reliability. OK then. Does this version is necessarily in white with Nismo decals ? I don’t know. But I like this iconic version of the R34. Once again, this Inno64 model is near perfection for around 20 box while some 1/64 models of the same car are above $100. I am missing something. Anyway, this white Sport Resetting is a total must have to complete your R34 collection, matching the black and the dark blue. You can find Inno64 models on eBay at reasonable prices here.

Finally, as usual the brand is having some fun and is bringing a midnight purple II that is actually an existing color. This is a color very hard to catch in camera, between purple and blue / green. The results in person is amazing. This is incredible to have such a results on a so small and detailed car, at this price. The wheels are gold. The car looks so good. It reminds me the Toyota 86 is this crazy color, changing with the light. Anyway, you can jump on the Inno64 Nissan R34 that is a very good model. I suppose a silver version will come, but don’t miss this beautiful active red.

A tiny preview of the next car featured on this blog : the new Skyline R30 mold!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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