Inno64 new models variations : Accord Euro-R Spoon, Civic Safety Car and 24 hours of Spa R32 !

Let’s continue our new Inno64 models tour with a new trio of racing cars. For this round, let’s have a look at :

  • Nissan GT-R R32 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps 1991 Winner
  • Honda Civic Type-R (FD2) Twin Ring Motegi Safety Car 2014
  • Honda Accord Euro-R (CL7) #91 “Spoon Sports”

All three models come in the mainline in standard packaging, and are easy to find on eBay at fair prices.

The Honda Civic Type-R FD2 makes its great return, and I am very pleased with that. It’s a classic in Inno64’s range, and a very well made minicar. This type of car made me discover the brand once in a while, and I count 5 versions of this casting in both Type-R and Mugen livery in my collection. I’m far from having them all, and I’m still on the hunt for the red Mugen. The casting is very well done, and is very popular among collectors, especially in Asia. Tarmac Works and Hobby Japan also tooled this casting, such as some brands I don’t recall the name with limited runs in resin. I’m pleased with Inno64 replica, and this version in Twin Ring Motegi is just making me smile cause it reminds me the hours spent on Gran Turismo 2. Nonetheless, I don’t have any Safety Car version from Inno64 in my collection (the brand did indeed tool a Marshall car of a FD2 in white some years ago). That is done now. I just regret, once again, that the transparent baseplates are gone away.

The model is in blue and silver, with silver rims and nice red calipers. The light bar is a new tooling and differs from the previous Marshall car, this time in a nice orange and green colors. The antenna gets a nice treatment too.

Interior is not in rest, and you can spot with my picture a nice detailed dashboard. The car exists, and here are some pictures provided by the boss himself. Cool eh ?

Next new model is the rather new casting of the Honda Accord Euro-R (CL7) in Spoon livery. I don’t have much to say about this casting, that has been covered a lot here on the blog. I’m just not surprised at all that a Spoon livery is showing up. Looking at the Honda Civic, Honda NSX R-GT and Ferio already spooned, it was totally logical !

The car is correct, I just would have loved more cambered wheels. It’s definitely a must have for Spoon collectors !

Finally, another classic is showing up with the Nissan GT-R R32 in white 24 hours of Spa Francorchamps Winner 1991 (Belgium race). This Zexel livery in white just works for me. This casting is getting better and better, I love the slightly cambered wheels and the stance of the vehicle. There are many variations of the R32, but this one is in my top 5. I also love how the white interior is detailed. It’s almost as if Inno64 race cars were built as kits. It’s very impressive.

All in all, Inno64 is bringing new toolings such as the Silvia S14 or the Pandem NSX, and also some “reeditions” with new colors / liveries. I love this mix, and I’m sure you can find what you’re looking for among all those. Check eBay listings for that !

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews !


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