My recent purchases of cool diecast : Mini GT, Norev, Schuco and AutoWorld …

March was definitely a good month for my collection. I organized a very cool Instagram sale (under the account Willdiecast_sales_group), and it went pretty well. Many left items for sale but this first sale is now over, and my second should be held later in late spring. It has been a good month not only because of the sales, but also because of the space I gained. And also because of the ton of cool diecast that entered my collection in March. I already made an article on the Tomica Limited Vintage cars I purchased here, but other manufacturers also showed up their game. That is not to mention also a TON of Spark models (1/43 and 1/18), that I also collect a lot, that came in late March. Just crazy.

But let’s focus on the 1/64 scale, and let’s begin by the Mini GT brand. Many of the models shown below might not be new for many of you, but I’m saying it again, the Mini GT distribution is quite hazardous, and clearly those news came in March (only) in France in many seller’s shops.

I chose to grab 5 models, that are totally MUST HAVES in my opinion. TSM seems to have the Bentley license, and is using it a lot. The only way to have premium new Bentley GT3 is to buy a Mini GT, but no worries : the model is just amazing. It’s loud. Loud toycar. It’s big, heavy, very well executed, neat, very well painted. Could be model of the year if it had more details, but let’s remind it’s more or less 12-14€ a piece, which is a great value for money. I took both versions, one in test black (that is black and not carbon), and the presentation version. That makes 3 versions of the Bentley GT3 so far, counting the Christmas edition. We know some more versions are planned, and count me in to have them all. You can find some on eBay, and I highly suggest you to grab one, you won’t regret it.

I also grabbed the Land Rover Defender Red Bull edition, long time announced, that I did not want to miss. Details are great, with a snorkel, top headlights, roof gallery, rear spare tire, and this Red Bull design. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. And I’m not.

The very good surprise came from this model : the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 Evolution II DTM, in silver grey. The 190E 2.5 is becoming a very well represented car in the diecast world, so I did not expect too much from Mini GT. Thought, the execution is very good. I love the DTM wheels, the front spoiler and the quality of the emblem. This silver version is a DTM version, in plain grey, with special wheels, spoiler and roll cage, that is different of the black version that is a “street” version. We know that Glen Chou is all in the details, and I admire that. The front headlights got this old 90’s look treatment.

Finally, I wanted at least one example of the new Supra Pandem. Those Pandem / kitted cars are not my cup of tea, I’m fine with this one in white with a nice design.

I also had the opportunity to buy some Autoworld on sale at good price via a friend, in a Swedish diecast shop (Paulisdiecastgarage). I took those 3, that are from the lowriders series. Surprising line from Autoworld, that is rather strict and not that fun (but scaled and a great pleasure to collect). I did not have any of the Lowriders. I have chosen those 3 because of the colors, and the non too loud decoration.

A quick word on this tiny Porsche 356 in rallye style by Schuco, that is not very different from the plain grey I already have, but I so much love the casting and it’s red interior. Any Porsche fan should have an example of the Schuco Porsche 356 in its collection.

Finally, the BIG surprise came from Norev, with the non-announced Citroën AX !!! This car was supposed to be highlighted at Retromobile in Paris (sadly delayed then cancelled), and Citroën asked Norev to tool a new mold in 1:64 scale for the occasion. Citroën is very pro-active with their vintage line of products, and that is so cool for us to have 1:64 reductions of insane old french cars I would have never imagined to see one day (2cv fourgonnette, CX, GS, and now the AX!) I still haven’t gotten over it. An AX! This popular cars from the late 80’s to mid 90’s. This another good example of how the youngtimers and 90’s cars are clearly becoming the future cool castings for many manufacturers. Yes!!!

So, Norev tooled this tiny AX in 4 colors (white, grey, blue and red), with a very cool choice of wheels in 3 parts. The body is very well done, the mold is good, and you find this just what it needs curved line of the side glasses. The front treatment is good, with transparent headlights, and the Citroën logo on the right and not centered as it was the habit in the 90’s. Only one mirror, that was current, and very neat black lines around the glasses.

Negative aspects are on the tires, that are in hard plastic and the rear, quite blank (taillights are painted, and a little plate wouldn’t have been too much).

My preference is for the metallic grey one.

To take advantage of the parcel, I also ordered 2 of the new C4, in brown (launched color), and metallic light blue. The car is very nicely detailed for a €5 car. This is a strange car, in a strange segment, quite high. Citroën has always been strange in design; sometimes it’s a success, sometimes it isn’t. We will see …

All in all, those March additions are really cool minicars I wanted to share with you guys. Most can be found on eBay, or in your Hobby shops.

Stay tuned for more to come!


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