Lamley Daily: Greenlight 2014 Falken Jeep Wrangler

Model: Greenlight 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Release: Running on Empty Series 10

eBay link: Greenlight Falken Jeep Wrangler

Why I’m featuring it: I hadn’t expected to be buying another Greenlight so soon after the STP Escort RS Cosworth that I showcased in February, but the combination of a Falken deco and a half-price deal at my local hobby store on the Easter weekend meant that I couldn’t leave this one behind.

Like the STP Cossie, this JK Wrangler is from the Running on Empty line, in this case Series 10. It completely passed me by when it was issued last year. Looking at it now, that was a pretty stacked release.

The Jeep’s grey and black scheme is unusual for a Falken model but looks very sharp. Build quality is excellent and there are awesome details like the winch and indicator repeaters on the front fenders. Pop the roof off and there’s even a cage!

I paired the 2014 model with the other Falken JK Unlimited in my collection, a 2017 in the more familiar teal and blue that appeared as a Hobby Exclusive.

There are quite a few differences between the two – hood, cage, winch and tow hitch being the most obvious. The hardtops are interchangeable.

On balance I prefer my new grey and black one – in fact, I love it. What a great model. It’s joined the Falken party in my display cabinet!

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