Collection Update: AE86 Sprinter Trueno joins the Hot Wheels Falken fleet

As a Falken collector, it’s great to see another of the familiar teal-and-blue models back in the Hot Wheels mainline this year. That the model in question is the first non-premium release of the new Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno casting, makes it even better – if a little harder to find!

Not sure about you, but here in Calgary those AE86s have been heavily hunted, despite showing in quantity in Case A as part of pre-Christmas Walmart shippers. I snagged a couple though, plus a few more for a friend through a Facebook deal.

The Sprinter Trueno is a good-looking model although I’m not entirely sold on the small wheels, drift-appropriate as they may be. And no, let’s not forget that this is based on a real car.

Credit: Falken Tire’s Facebook page

Here’s the Falken Sprinter Trueno alongside the earlier Boulevard release in white, along with Hot Wheels’ older AE-86 Corolla casting.

There are plenty of other Falken Hot Wheels models, of course, so I’ve billed this as a Collection Update post. Let’s take this opportunity to take a sideways glance (see what I did there?) at the history of Hot Wheels Falkens to date!

’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda – 2013 mainline

Things kicked off in 2013 with this fabulous Cuda casting, which established a pattern by being issued first in teal/blue, then in metallic silver or grey/blue. Tampos containing the logos of several tuning parts suppliers became regular fixtures, too: K&N, Wilwood, Sparco and TEIN.

Toyota Supra – 2014 mainline

The following year came this pair of Supras, in the days before Hot Wheels lost the Toyota license (then got it back again). The metalflake silver was a Kmart exclusive (remember those?!).

Another model based on a real vehicle, of course…

Credit: Falken Tire’s Facebook page

For good measure, here are the HW Supras with the Tarmac Works version.

Mad Manga – 2014 mainline

You might debate whether this one is a ‘true’ Falken model but I’m going to count it anyway. The Mad Manga’s not really my thing but it looks sharp here in pearl white. For reasons I forget, the only one I have is this 2014 Factory Sealed edition. I couldn’t quite bring myself to open it, sorry!

Custom ’12 Ford Mustang – 2015 mainline

The rich seam of Falkens continued in 2015 with (once again) blue and silver models being issued.

A further black release emerged as a Kmart exclusive.

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR – 2016 mainline

Hot Wheels then made it a four-peat with the fabulous Porsche in 2016, again released as a teal-and-blue/metalflake-silver combo. A clear nod to Falken’s Nürburgring race cars, this is one of my favourites. I even tracked down one on a snowflake card!

Head here for more on Falken at the Nürburgring.

Toyota Baja Truck (Off-Road Truck) – 2017 mainline/STH

Falken went fancy in 2017 with the Toyota Baja Truck, which got a dark spectraflame blue Super Treasure Hunt in the D case alongside the regular mainline. I traded for mine.

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II & Fleet Flyer – Team Transport 2019

There were no Falken Hot Wheels released in 2018, but teal-and-blue was back with a vengeance the following year. Diorama builders rejoiced at the arrival of the FYT08 Team Transport set, featuring the then-new 190E and the Fleet Flyer transporter.

I had no idea but apparently the 190E is/was a drift car in the Philippines.


There’s also a wheel variation on this model (Real Rider 6-spoke mags vs RR Exotics), but I don’t have it.

Custom ’18 Ford Mustang GT – Hot Wheels id 2020

This was my most anticipated Falken release in years. The spectraflame blue model looks terrific, perhaps the best ID yet and definitely one of the best Falken Hot Wheels of all!

Here’s a picture of the real thing (well, close enough) that I took at the SEMA Show in 2019!

Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno – 2021 mainline

All of which brings us right up to date with the AE86.

If sneak photos are to be believed, the next Falken model to appear could be an AE86 recolour in the black-and-white deco that we saw on the ’12 Mustang in 2012. Until then, keep #falkenspotting!

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  1. The falken mustang you are waiting for is the best release of that livery by far. It looks better than most super thunts that I know of. If it had good side mirrors it could sit next to any company premium model. Best toy car I got this past year with the mb lambo right behind it. One dollar cars at the dollar store.

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