Lamley Single File: Corgi Juniors Ogle/Reliant Scimitar GTE

Sometimes as collectors we have models that for some reason we can’t quite explain, we get really very drawn to. In my case I have a few, and have introduced you to some of them in the past. And recently I found another in the form of the Corgi Juniors Ogle Scimitar.

The Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5 (later SE5A) was a rather successful 2 door shooting brake made by British company Reliant Motors, known for their work on three wheeled vehicles. Powered by a 3 litre Ford “Essex” V6, over 4000 SE5s were sold, including a number to Princes Anne. The Scimitar was designed by a small firm called Ogle. Founded by David Ogle, the company penned a multitude of different vehicles from the famous Raleigh Chopper bicycle, to the Turkish Anadol A1 via Triumph motorcycles, Plaxton buses and even Luke Skywalker’s Land Speeder.

A picture of the one off Ogle Scimitar taken sometime in the 1990s

Reliant revealed the production SE5 at 1968 Earls Court Motor Show. Ogle used the event to showcase their skills and unveiled their own take on the Scimitar, the Ogle GTE. featuring a flowing panoramic windscreen and restyled grille with concealed headlights behind electric covers.

The Ogle car remained a one off, designed to be a more futuristic take on the Reliant design. It must have caught the eye of a designer at Corgi Toys, as they chose to replicate it in the Juniors Whizzwheels line.

The manufacturing standards are good, but the paint finish is a little flat in places and the detailing rather simplistic. The raised panel lines and visible casting lines also are a little unsightly, but its an altogether pleasant little diecast, and very unique. There’s a metal base and the sloped grille and gorgeous panoramic windscreen of the Ogle car have been well replicated.

The proportions are also pretty good and I love the overall shape of the car. It’s very typical of a British made diecast of the time, definitely “of the era”, and I think that’s why I love it!

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  1. Love the design of this car. It would still look good as a 4-door. As it is, it somewhat reminds me of the Volvo P1800 wagon. I long for the day when sporty wagons would take the place of the top-heavy, dull crossovers we’re currently infested with today. Same utility, better performance.

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