The incredible GCD 1/64 Mercedes-Benz Actros Hauler and Pullman 600 Limo, and you can get me to send you one.

This is next-level 1/64. So next-level that it requires a completely different approach. So detailed you have treat them extra-special, yet they function beautifully. I know that is a little vague but you will see when you watch the livestream I did today on my other YouTube Channel, Lamley Live.

The Actros is a marvel when it comes to 1/64. The details and scale are incredible. With the level of detail they have, certain parts have to be attached by the owner, or they would probably break in transit. That is what I mean by different approach. Expensive, but worth it.

It’s the Pullman that has my heart, however. A stunning car, created in 1/64 with the same amount of detail, and turning front wheels to boot. Just go watch below and check them out.

The folks at Diecasttalk sent these over to me, mainly because they wanted me to experience that level of detail. I am glad they did, especially since GCD is a Chinese company and mainly markets to China. Diecasttalk is bringing them to folks here in the US, but they are still fairly limited in these here parts.

For that reason, and because I don’t have any place to display the Actros, I thought it was worth giving a truck away to someone who could put it all together and display it. For that reason I am giving one away. All you have to do? Subscribe to the Lamley Live Channel and comment ON THE VIDEO (not on the blog, you will have to click on the title of the video to get to it) that you subscribed and what model showcased was your favorite. I will draw a winner next week.

Don’t miss out.

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  1. These are insane. The Pullman was one of my all time wants to be replicated in 1/64. And it finally got the treatment it deserved. Just ordered it in black and cream from Diecast Talk and was surprised they weren’t sold out. I can see other colors being released later on. This car has to be a finalist for Diecast of the Year.

    I like the gray Actros as much as the yellow if not more due to having slightly fewer parts to handle. So how does this Actros tractor compare with the Mini GT?

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