My last parcels from Quinazland and Japan Booster : Mini GT and Tomica Limited Vintage, mainly …

It’s happening every 2 months, more or less, and it’s always a joy. A parcel from Japan Booster means a lot of excitement. So does a good box from the French eBay store Quinazland, the best way to get your Mini GT quickly, and some other US diecast (I mean in France, mostly). So what’s in those boxes ?

There is a lot of cool stuff ! The parcel from Japan Booster hold 6 cars, where 5 are very new. This is my tactic, I order every 2 months, and buy for more of 100$ to get free shipping. I’m not a pre-order guy, so this technical is fine with me.

First is the oldest one, but a good one! It’s a Mitsubishi Colt Galant AII Custom Bunka Hoso Radio. I’ve always loved this casting, which is quite old but very accessible. It’s a very Japanese livery of a very Japanese car, that comes in a one of those big boxes with lots of information I can’t sadly not read, but I love the design. I wanted one for a long time, so this order was a good opportunity to have it. In addition, this is a Galant, and guess what car is the green one sitting next to it ?

Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO MR 1970, which is a masterpiece in this color. I love the details on the wheels, the vintage sporty look and the dark green strip on the side. They go pretty well together. Even if this casting has full opened windows, which I’m not a fan of in general, the overall look of the car is just too cool.

I also took a Toyota Corolla 1500 SE Limited 1989, because I love stock 1990’s cars, and the color is SO 1990 that I couldn’t let it go. Plus, the dark red interior is nice. I’m not sure the casting has very perfect proportions in the rear windows, but I’m fine with it. Older versions are very hard to acquire, and prices are increasing. Corolla’s have always been popular, because it was an ultra popular car in Asia, mostly. If you are wondering, I’m not specially interested in the Diocolle things, because I’m not a diorama guy and I expose my cars in display. Plus, the retail price is, in my opinion, quite high.

A quick word on this very recent casting : Toyota Crown Sedan Tokyo Taxi, in black. Why the black version and not the green/yellow one ? Because choices must be done! And I preferred the wheels and the taillights of the black version better. That being said, this is a very nice casting, of a very inconic Japanese vehicle. I might get other versions.

Oh boy. Let’s finish this Tomica Limited Vintage parcel tour with what brought me to this parcel : the highly anticipated new casting of the Toyota Chaser 2.5 Tourer V 1998. In white and dark green (no, it’s not black as I thought it was). I absolutely adore it. No doubt. This is typically my kind of TLV car, very big sedan Lexus looking cars. I cannot be more happy. I hope to see other colors very quickly. For now, this casting enters my top 10.

I love the wheels. But I probably won’t glue the spare parts the car comes with (wing, and roof thing).

A parcel that came very fast and that I’m very happy with ! I highly suggest you to order on JapanBooster to get your Tomica Limited Vintage.

The second parcel that came very recently is a box from French diecast shop called Quinazland, that I already talked about here on the blog (that crazy story with a pre-production Greenlight model of an AMC Matador). They have an eBay store, and also run with Facebook. My box contained :

Not bad eh ? Our access to Mini GT in France is not as performant as MiJo in the US, so I’m happy to have the news even if I wish it came faster. Talking about Mini GT, John has already featured the amazing green Bentley Mulliner Edition on video, such as the Pikes Peak version. On my hand, I’m a completist on this casting (you can head to my Bentley Monster article if you want to). The quality of this car for it’s retail price is nuts.

The 100 inscription on the front grill. Wow.
Admire the tiny Pikes Peak inscription.

Then is maybe the most underrated casting of Mini GT : the McLaren Senna. It has to be said, this car (and the Honda Civic Type R Modulo edition – with white rims) brought me into Mini GT. Clearly, I venerate them for this casting of this unreal hypercar- and ultra difficult car to made. And it seems it goes better and better, because believe it or not, but this grey version might be even better than the purple one. The color is so qualitative, and the grey/black duo really works. A MUST HAVE FRIENDS.

Another great casting from the brand is definitely the Land Rover Defender that I love being a 5 doors, with windows and in this case with the spare wheel on the hood. The color is a kind of mat blue, and the white wheels match the white roof. Please admire the precise details on the center of the wheels. For once on a very small car, the roof rack is very fine, and the surf boards are really precise too, for just accessories. But isn’t it the key to a good looking model ?

Let’s finish this overview with 3 US diecast as I love to call them, with 2 Hot Wheels Premium – you’re not dreaming – and a very nice MiJo exclusive AutoWorld truck.

The Audi Sport Quattro has been seen enough here I think. The only thing I might say about it is that I am very impressed by the quality and the Premium path Hot Wheels is able to take. The second car I bought is the new Honda NSX casting, with the “non big rear wheels”. I’m a NSX fan, so I wanted this casting, which is nice.

This AutoWorld truck is the final model of this post, and I don’t have much to say about it except I loved the color scheme and Sunoco deco. I’m selective with the trucks that are not my cup of tea, but this one had to be my display. I love it’s vintage Nascar look.

All in all, 2 parcels that I’m very happy with, and I hope you will agree with me. You can find the links of the shops in this article and here, if you want to have a look.

Japan Booster eBay store

Quinazland eBay store

See you soon for more !


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  1. Got the purple Senna about 2 weeks ago. Very impressed! I couldn’t believe it had that much detail and accuracy for as little as I paid. I would think that this is a very difficult car to replicate in small scale. It could sit next to any TLV and very much hold its own.

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