Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2021 B Case

Even during the pandemic, shopping for the holiday essentials still means visions of Supers dancing in your heads. Christmas ham be damned, I’m heading to the toy aisle you tell yourself. And if Walmart or Kroger are where you are shopping, the 2021 A Case could be waiting for you. So gather up your 300Z’s, and AE86’s, and Landspeeders and Barbie Campers, because the B Case will be your focus soon.

Mattel sent me one, and here is what is inside. Enjoy.

2 Replies to “Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2021 B Case”

  1. Lotta crap in this batch to be perfectly honest. There’s some nice recolors, but precious little in the way of clean decos. I’m most excited for the first clean deco of the Volvo 850, I’ve got a big soft spot for the real thing as I used to own one (though not the more aggressive R version that the model emulates) so it’ll be nice to have that one. I like the Dodge Van too, though it’s a shame about the penny-pinching transparent roof. I know they’re tying it back in with the ’70s version but still. Elsewhere I’m liking the 300ZX recolor, as well as the F-Type. Hopefully the proportions are better on it than Matchbox’s version (theirs isn’t low and wide enough). It’s obviously bound to be better than the awful HW Project 7 “track-ready” roadster version with the upsloped chin. Kinda diggin’ the Defender too, but there again a clean deco would’ve been nice, at least for the red debut. Overall a ho-hum case. Can’t wait to obtain the ones I want one and two at a time over the course of months (eye-roll)

  2. I gotta agree with Ben here. Total crap in this batch. There’s only four cars that I want to find: the Volvo 850 Estate, Jaguar F-Type, Dodge Van, and Land Rover Defender 90. I already found the F-Type and Volvo at Publix a couple weeks ago so I’m already halfway there. Not a good start for 2021, considering the first couple of batches are usually decent. Typically once D or E case hits, it starts to get juicy.

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