Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels 1957 Oldsmobile

Model: 1957 Oldsmobile Stock Car

Release: 100% Hot Wheels 2003

eBay link: Hot Wheels 1957 Oldsmobile

Why I’m featuring it: Relief, mostly, that I managed to remove the perished rubber bands without completely destroying the paint! If you’ve opened any of the 100% Hot Wheels, Cool Collectibles or Matchbox Collectibles models from about 20 years ago, you’ll know that the irritating rubber bands sometimes used to keep the model in place on the base, or to stop a moving part from flapping around, are often way past their sell-by dates. It’s not a problem if you plan on keeping your model in the box, but not ideal if you plan on opening it for display, as I usually do. The perished bands tend to stick to the paintwork, sometimes pulling it away with the band as it’s removed.

This fabulous 1957 Oldsmobile is based on a real 2002 Carrera Panamericana competitor, Doug Mockett’s ’54 Olds Super 88. I picked it up from a local hobby shop earlier this year. It was a few months before I got around to opening it up but did so as slowly and patiently as I could. The band securing the open hood ran right across the flaming paintwork at the front but fortunately came away (in about six pieces!) with only some minor damage.

This is my second example of the Hot Wheels Olds, following the Lee Petty car from the earlier Petty Racing Family set. The super-detailed 100% Hot Wheels models (this one’s a 2003 release) are criminally underrated and mostly available for $10-15, so well worth a punt. Just be prepared to take a chance on damage if you’re planning to give one the full DLM treatment!

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