Lamley Daily: Malibu International Audi A6

Model: Audi A6

Release: Malibu International 1/64

Ebay Link: 1/64 Scale Malibu International

Why I am featuring it: One part of collecting that I definitely enjoy is finding obscure brands that make some nice models. Malibu International fits that bill. The brand name is on a few different releases. The name appears on a movie car series called Reel Rides. It also appears on a series of cars with some bling called 20is and a series with some lowriders called Lowriderz. But it is the unnamed series of 1/64 scale cars that this Audi comes from is what interests me.

The cars come in an acrylic case with a carboard sleeve (alike Inno64, Tarmac Works, M2…etc). The packaging is very plain. It is just black with the Malibu International Ltd. logo and 1:64 scale printed on it. There are quite a few different cars that were released like this. I seem to discover new ones often when perusing eBay. One thing that I realized however, is that not all of the toolings are constructed with the same premium features. Some of them have plastic wheels while others have rubber. Some of them have painted headlights and taillights while others use inserted pieces. It is the castings that are like this Audi that have both inserted lights and rubber tires that are the good ones to find.

I have an eBay search saved that I check every now and then looking for a new one to add to the collection at a good price. I have maybe a dozen or so different ones currently which maybe good subject matter for a feature here…. but for now just check out this Audi.

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  1. The black background does not look good. Makes the site look cheap and like it’s from the early 00’s. I like the new logo but why is it cutoff? ‘Lamleygrou’?

  2. The Malibu models were a greater value. They probably still are Burt I no longer search for them. I have about 20+ of them. Details varied but always well done. Plus many were just plain street cars which is alway welcome.

  3. This truly is an ‘International’ casting as it’s the 3.0 TDI, an engine I don’t believe was offered in the US. Great casting!

  4. I remember Walmart Canada briefly carried Malibu International around 2008-ish except the only ones I saw were all 1/87 scale. They were very nicely detailed for HO train set scale and I have around a dozen of them including an Audi (not 100% sure it’s an A6 like the 1/64 version shown here).

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