Lamley Daily: Doyusha Suzuki Wagon R

Model: Doyusha Suzuki Wagon R FX-S Limited

Release: Suzuki Wagon R/Wit blind box series

eBay link: Doyusha Suzuki Wagon R

Why I’m featuring it: I’ll admit I knew nothing about Doyusha until after I pulled this out of a clearance bin in a Tokyo store a few years ago. I still know very little, other than to say that Doyusha is best known for its model kits, military models and R/C cars, but also produced a few series of 1:64 Kei car models around 12-15 years ago, including Suzukis, Daihatsus and Mitsubishis.

The Kei cars are blind boxed in the style of Aoshima or Kyosho so I didn’t know what I was going to get; out popped a third-generation Wagon R in white. The full series consists of eight Wagon R FX-S Limiteds and Suzuki Wit MR Wagons, each in four colours. I’m not sure whether there was also a chase model.

The model itself is nicely done – detailed and well finished, although perhaps not up to Kyosho’s standard. It rolls well, too, but there are no opening parts.

That’s about it. The Wagon R FX-S Limited is the only Doyusha model in my collection; perhaps I’ll find a Wit or an i-MiEV to keep it company one day.

(find Doyusha diecast on eBay)

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