Lamley Studio: The 2020 Hot Wheels Convention Exclusives

I’d probably be on a plane right now.

I don’t want to be on a plane right now, but if there was no pandemic, I would have spent a chunk of the last week in Los Angeles nerding out on Hot Wheels cars. I would also be a little tired if I replicated my Saturday night from last year (shoutout to Paul, Jay, Jason, and Jimmy).

I’d also have a bag full of the exclusive models. Two sales models, a dinner model, the finale, and the RLC Pink model. And I’d be pretty thrilled with them. Two newcomers, the D21 and Willys, and some old classics like the ’55 Bel Air, T1 Panel, and Boss Mustang.

But, in case you didn’t know, there is a pandemic. (A what!?!? Since when?) So I’m home, enjoying the first bit of rain in Utah in a LONG time, and writing about the Convention models. I’ll talk about them in the video below, and you can check out the photos below as well.

I hope Nationals happens in April in Atlanta. A lot has to happen, well beyond the Hot Wheels world, and there are six months for those things to happen. I have no idea if I will be showing off my latest mask fashion, but I’ll be there if the circumstances are good and it is happening. That would most likely mean Mattel would be there too, and some of the elements that make the Convention worth going will be happening too.

But that is the overarching theme for 2020. “I’ll wait on what I have to until we can get through this thing.” I’ve had to say that about most things this year, and I am totally cool with that. I’ll do what I have to make sure we can return to normal in some way as soon as possible. I was listening to the Daily Podcast from the New York Times this week, and a possible timetable was laid out. April Nationals seems like a good goal, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing to do my part to get us there.

So I’ll enjoy the rain today, make some good dinner with the family, mask up when I’m out, and I’ll see you in Atlanta in April.

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  1. Great article and pictures John. Job well done Van on the Gasser as always. Thanks for all our RLC Gassers. That Pink Boss 302 is a must have for me. She is sooo pretty with her NEO’S. Thanks for sharing.

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