Lamley Daily: 100% Hot Wheels Pontiac GTO

Model: ’66 Pontiac GTO

Release: 100% Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary

Link: Hot Wheels 100% Pontiac GTO

Why I am featuring it: I collect GTOs in general. I also try to pick up 100% Hot Wheels castings whenever I see them second hand for a good price. I acquired this one recently and it is definitely a welcome addition to the GTO collection.

I normally don’t like flame paint jobs on cars but this one appeals to me. This casting also features some detail under the opening hood.

A lot of the castings that were made for the 100% Hot Wheels line were very nice. If you are not familiar with them I would suggest checking them out. I want to say they only made them for a relatively short period of time but there are quite a few good ones to go after. Also, most of them can be found at very reasonable prices. So head over to eBay and start hunting!

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  1. The new blvd gto is kind of fat and low. I like it but like the 100% one a little better. I have the gold one from the set with the black chevelle. There are some 100% that I buy every one I see if the price is right. The 100% 48 merc woodie is one of my all time hw favs and a favorite 1/64 from any brand.

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