Lamley Daily: Greenlight 1977 Plymouth Fury Seven Mile Taxi

Model: 1977 Plymouth Fury Seven Mile Taxi

Line: Single release, Greenlight Hobby Exclusive

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Why it’s in my collection: I am a die-hard lover of big bodied Chrysler cars (I currently own a ’75 Gran Fury) and search online for them often….and one of those searches lead me to stumble across the real-life seven mile taxi while browsing the Bring a Trailer features a few years ago.

The real seven mile Fury taxi. Photo credit to the original eBay listing.

The Greenlight Fury is a scale replica of an actual 1977 Plymouth Fury taxi package that was brought out of storage in the mid/late 2010’s. The story goes that a New York taxi company bought the car, and for one reason or another, never put it in service. The basically showroom-new Fury was stashed away in the late 70’s and used for indoor storage for the next 40+ years. Unfortunately water dripped on the car during its long hibernation and caused rust to eat away at the rear deck panel, left rear quarter, and some of the underbody/gas tank.

After being rescued the car was cleaned up, the gas tank was repaired, and was then posted on eBay. I believe the car went unsold, but it was very cool to see a “new” 1977 vehicle in the 2010’s. I’m happy Greenlight replicated this car in 1/64th scale as you don’t often get taxis that aren’t painted the classic NYC yellow.

Greenlight did a really nice job recreating the car. Their C and B body Mopars are hands-down some of my favorite castings and this taxi definitely sticks out among the sea of more standard colored police cars. I really appreciate the detail that went into the translucent Yellow cab roof light too.

While the original taxi was equipped with the meager 225 slant six, the Greenlight car retains the police spec V8. A slant six would have really put this car over the top, but hey, at least we got a version of it to begin with.

If you’re a fan of vintage Mopar sedans like me, or just a collector of the more obscure, the Greenlight seven mile Fury will be right at home in your collection 🏁

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  1. Interesting story. Reminds me of a “new” ‘85 IROC Camaro find in a trailer from not long ago. I’ve always liked this casting. Now if GL will just shorten the axles on most of their castings, including this one. Track is too wide.

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