Lamley goes big : Oshkosh Truck Calgary Airport, in 1:64

Well, I don’t really know how to start with this one. It’s a special model from my collection for sure, which is so big and so heavy that it only fits in the big elements section of my diecast collection (the display where I expose the Mini GT trucks for example). I sadly don’t own any big Tomica Limited Vintage fire trucks but I own this one. And I have to say I’m very happy with it.

This thing comes from Amercom Hobby and it is believed to be copies of Code 3 models, but less detailed (and very much cheaper). I had this one on Amazon a few years ago if I am correct, and it came from Poland. Some can be found on eBay though.

The truck is big, supposed to be scaled and super heavy. Fragile too, with some cheap details and some pretty good ones for the price. It’s the friend 64everdiecast that made me discover those Amercom Hobby fire trucks, and I’m happy he did. I own some others, but those are more and more hard to find.

For a size comparison, please have a look at the pictures. A piece that our Canadian friends might love to have in their collections maybe ?



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  1. If you think the AMercom is heavy, get the Code 3 versions. The funny thing is now some of the Amercoms are selling for more than the Code 3 since Code 3 has been gone so long many do not search them out.

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