Lamley Daily: Maisto Porsche 918 Spyder

Model: Porsche 918 Spyder

Release: Maisto Design Exotics

Link: Find this and other variations on ebay

Why I am featuring it: Maisto is a brand that kind of teeters between toy and collectible. They really don’t make too much in 1/64 scale. Really if you think about they don’t make anything in 1/64 scale. The cars usually are a bit larger….. not quite Jada large but definitely somewhere in between Jada and 1/64. They also tend to have exaggerated features (somewhat like Hot Wheels). I think the scale it what mostly puts people off on collecting them (me included). However I do think they have some nice releases that have come out over the years. They also have what seems to be good quality control. When I saw this Porsche it was just too cool not to pick up. I have very few of the Maisto Design series but I may have to give them a second look and see what else is out there. As of right now you can find some at Walmart in the boxed transport series and their are a few I’ve been tempted to grab.

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