Mail Call: USPS Delivers Delectable Diecast.

I’ll be upfront, upfront. This post is serving an ulterior purpose beyond the simple teaser. Lest you think I’m only here to peddle some sweet looking miniatures from my pal Jimmy on eBay, let me explain my hidden intention: to get them out and photographed, and talked about in greater detail. I’ve often mentioned (probably at an annoyingly high rate) my lack of spare time, even at the height of the pandemic when people were encouraged to stay home. While I once enjoyed sitting down to tell stories of my travels to car shows, or how a scale model fits into my life, what little free time I have now is mostly spent recovering from infant shock and toddler tiredness by drinking Nightly Calm tea and staring at a magazine. I’m fun at parties.

Full disclosure, this is the combination of two parcels from Jimmy at SURPLUSgoodies, but I never got around to shouting from the proverbial rooftop what a wonder the trifecta of M2 Squares is. Anyway, without any further flapping of my fingers, let’s jump in.

The MiJo Exclusives Lowriders, based off the Auto World 1962 Chevy Impala SS Hardtop, are the first two in a series of 10 different releases of five cars (2 per casting). The pinstriping is impressive without being excessive and both cars feature new wheels that are aiming for the Dayton look. Given the wording in the top right corner, the chassis appears to be lower, but I can’t confirm until I park it next to a stock Impala, which I’ll do as soon as I crack these beauties open. Stay tuned, Ponyboy.

Inno64 branched out beyond touring cars and JDM heroes (amongst other very cool castings) here and pulled a Pajero out of their hat. But it’s not just any pedestrian SUV you’d seen parked up at the shoppes. No, the minds at Inno chose the extreme Evolution edition and sprinkled some Dakar flavoring atop the two street models, for a total of five separate releases. So far, I’ve only accumulated the two homologation specials, but I have all intentions of adding the rally veterans in the future.

Mini GT continues to crank out winner after winner. My first dance with the company was with their McLaren Senna in Victory Grey. Afterwards it was followed by the fantastic Civic Type R in Aegean Blue (Modulo Edition) and the white Toyota Supra. The sextuplet of sexiness sent along by Surplus included second colors [to my collection] of the Bentley and the M3. The Huracan Evo looks great overall, even though the color-matched rear diffuser is a bit odd. The Porsche 911 GT2 RS is fantastic. Hopefully we get some PTS issues in the future. The red and black Supras are also must-haves. If you follow Mini GT on any of their social channels, you’ll know they have plenty of castings up their sleeves to keep us drooling for diecast.

Finally, the three M2 Machines ‘Square Body Truck’ pieces are half of Auto-Trucks R58 (the other three being Squares I didn’t care for). I never found the Walmart Squarebody Syndicate set, which is a bummer, so these are the next best things IMO. I appreciate the stock color schemes and can tolerate the lowered chassis, although I’d prefer a stock ride height release. The Desert Fox GMC is going to match the lifted one nicely, once it’s out. And Auto World’s most recent Square Body (2020 R4) is in a similar Chevy Sport deco, so again, it will pair like peanut butter and jelly.

So that’s it for this teaser post. I hope I can hold up my end of the bargain and get these properly showcased. A little encouragement from strangers on the Internet always seems to do the trick. And who knows, maybe I can use this strategy to fast track my garage organization project.

Find what I found on eBay.

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