Lamley Daily: Mini GT Acura NSX GT3

Model: Mini GT Acura NSX GT3

Release: MiJo Exclusives #93 Legge/Lally Watkins Glen 2017

eBay link: Mini GT Acura NSX GT3

Why I’m featuring it: This is the first Mini GT I’ve bought for my collection. Naturally I’ve been watching the #lamleyhype around the brand for a few years and even picked up a Civic Type-R for a friend who owned one, but until now I hadn’t got around to buying one for myself.

2020-09-01 20.56.34

That changed when a dealer in Western Canada (thanks Ranjesh!) discounted some old stock and tempted me into this NSX. It fits with my 1:64 race car collection so I took the plunge. Of the two USA Exclusive/MiJo Exclusives on offer featuring the Michael Shank Racing (MSR) team-mates at Watkins Glen 2017, I went for the #93 Katherine Legge/Andy Lally car, mostly because Legge is British! She and co-driver Andy Lally won their class at the Glen that day.


This Statue of Liberty livery was one of two patriotic schemes that MSR put on its GTD-class NSXs for the IMSA WeatherTech races either side of the 4th July holiday in 2017; the other featured Uncle Sam. Both were the work of Acura design chief, Dave Marek.

2020-09-01 20.55.52

The second I opened the blister, I knew this wouldn’t be my last Mini GT model. Yep, they got me… The quality is terrific for the price, the car rolls beautifully and the packaging – a nice little box to keep the car in if it’s not on display – is perfect.

2020-09-01 20.57.54

A couple of weeks later, I tracked down the Camel Trophy Land Rover. Both cars will slot into my race and rally displays and if Mini GT puts out more cool competition cars, I won’t wait two years to track them down!

(find Mini GT on eBay)

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