Lamley Daily: Racing Champions 1997 Ford F-150

Model: 1997 Ford F-150

Release: Racing Champions Hot Rod Magazine Issue #23

Ebay link: Racing Champions Ford F150

Why I am featuring it: I really don’t have a lot of Racing Champions in my collection. Generally I’m not a huge fan of their toolings if I am honest. They seem to run a bit bigger than 1/64 scale and the older ones just feel cheap to me. Round2 has done a good job with the brand and the releases that have come out in the last couple years have been the best use so far for the toolings. However, there are a couple of gems from RC’s past and to me this is one of them.

Yeah it is a wild looking paint job but that is why I like it so much. This thing just looks rad to me. I got it from a friend that bought someone’s collection. In the collection were some older Racing Champions cars. They were all pretty dusty/dirty but he was selling them for $1 each. This is the only one that I remember picking up. It cleaned up pretty well and is one of my favorite RCs.

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