A bunch of racing GTR-R32, by Inno64

Inno64 is very prolific, and that is absolutely not something I will complain about! The GT-R R32 is obviously a mold the manufacturer is showcasing, and I can’t count the number of versions we had so far, and all the future releases. There are also some really interesting street versions, like the Mine’s, full carbon or satin gold ones. I believe the racing versions debuted with the amazing series made for Macau Grand Prix of last year.

Anyway, Inno64’s GT-R R32 is a good one, and the racing pedigree offers many possibilities. It’s a classic racing car of the 90’s era, and even if many others manufacturers already tooled it (Kyosho, F-Toys), or will (Mini GT), I love the Inno treatment, with their legendary meticulousness. You can find some on eBay, as many versions exist.

Today we will have a closer look at 4 versions sent by the Inno team, containing one PopRace model, which is a collaboration model.

The PopRace version is a replica of the Tooheys 1000 (Bathurst Mount Panorama race) from 1992. It comes with a decal sheet with the Winfield sponsor (that cannot be put on a car) and a specific packaging. It also has an aluminum-like baseplate, like the Echo Gao I already showcased on the blog. I love the red color combined with the white stripe with Nissan inscription, the touches of yellow with Shell logo and above all the white rims. What I don’t like is the decals to put myself, but this version is a winner for sure.

The HKS version from 1992 JTC has already has been featured here on the blog, and even if it is not my favorite of the lot, the model is photogenic, and the white interior and chassis is stunning.

The second HKS version, from 1993 JTC, is, in my opinion, an other level. The color scheme is well known, and pretty impressive. The tires are marked “Advan” and “Yokohama”, which are nice details. The stance is strangely better on this version, and I don’t know why.

Finally, the last model I showcase today might take the cake. It is the Calsonic version from JTC 1990, and many collectors will appreciate this version. For a bit of history on the livery and the car, please head to a very good article from Japanese Nostalgic Cars. This iconic livery is a piece of history, which must be in every JDM fan collection. Look at the details of the gold rims ! It’s amazing. I have a tiny problem of adjustment on the left windows, but other than that the casting is close to perfection.

All in all, those R32 of the 21st century are pretty amazing, and really bring something to the collection. It’s really serious, and models like this are meant for display, or photo shoots. Don’t expect them to roll properly, neither to have a metal chassis, but expect them to have ultra detailed rims, detailed exhausts and interiors or tow hooks. In other words, you must decide which side you are on.



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