Lamley Daily: Greenlight Hot Pursuit Pasco Police SUV

Model: Greenlight Ford Police Interceptor Utility Pasco Police

Line: Hot Pursuit – commissioned piece

eBay Link: Greenlight Pasco Police

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Why I am featuring it:

I’m almost certain the first Greenlight I purchased was from the Hot Pursuit line, the complete Series 2. Where I found them is lost to time, but I’ve been after the 1:64 police cars ever since and have achieved quite the squad goals. 

Besides the standard releases, I’m always on the lookout for Hobby Exclusives or HTF commissions. So when someone dropped the link to this Pasco, WA police department’s Interceptor Utility in a Greenlight Facebook group I’m in, I wasted no time in ordering one. In fact, I went back and ordered a second after I cracked this one for pictures.

It arrived in less than five days, although I would bet money the person packing and mailing them isn’t a collector. It came in a manila shipping envelope, offering minimal protection to the blister for those looking to keep it carded. Additionally, there isn’t a way to select your quantity on the PayPal link, so those looking for multiples are left paying shipping costs for each one. They’re not being sold directly by the department, but by the Pasco Police Foundation, so contact them ( for adjusted rates.

The police package SUV is fully detailed, including the Washington state license plate and social media callouts on the rear. I dig the livery and it matches nicely with the Pasco Police Interceptor Sedan from a few years ago. The silver over dark blue pairs nicely and the gradient in the SUV’s design is a nice update. The unit, 18-268, is also one of their in-service fleet, adding to the accuracy. 

There are some big money exclusives floating around eBay (Montreal Police is one), so if you’re a cop car collector, you’re not going to want to make a rookie mistake and hold off until they’re commanding a premium on the second-hand market. Consider that an order.

3 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Greenlight Hot Pursuit Pasco Police SUV”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t missed a Hot Pursuit or other Greenlight emergency model since the outset. This is a nice addition. ONly change wouldbe the wheels for the ones on the sedan. They make a nice pair.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m curious to see your collection. Do you have all the hobby and commissioned pieces, too? There are a handful that I would love to get but I have a hard time shelling out $50+ for one standard issue (non GM).

      And I’d have to check, but I believe those are the only wheels the Sedan ever used when in police issue.


      1. Tough to share photos here. I do post photos occasionally on FB groups. The wheels on the Pasco sedan are actually used on 4WD models most of the time. The Pasco is the only sedan that received these wheels. Most got a 5 spoke from the early Chargers.

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